The long(?) awaited first episode of Podvocacy is officially here!

Jason and David would like to thank Marvel for giving us some very exciting things to talk about in our first week. Jason and David break down the slate of Marvel movies and give their thoughts on each entry. We talk about the latest episodes of The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. David lets us know whether he’s going to go all in on Gotham. We also talk about Marvel Puzzle Quest and WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

Thanks for downloading!

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  • Enjoyed the first show, fellas.
    I do enjoy the extra wrestling talk as my usual podcasting partners have no clue about wrestling, skipped town or think pro wrestling begins and ends with the Mean Street Posse.
    With all the talk of Gotham and Agent of SHIELD, I really want to get back into them, but they always fall to the bottom of the queue.
    Was sad to hear David reads no DC whatsoever. Things have been bleak in many parts, however, there are some gems to check out. The recent Superman Doomed crossover was really good, Harley Quinn is a blast. And does Vertigo count as DC, because you can never go wrong with American Vampire.
    As for Marvel Puzzle Quest, I cannot BELEIVE that Jason got ONE card that maxed out a character entirely. Not only have I never seen one, but who knew such a thing existed?

  • Thanks, LFC.

    The main reason that I don’t read DC is because I don’t have a ton of expendable income, and there’s just other stuff that I find more interesting. I think I’m getting more indie comics than anything else right now.

  • Jason Kirk

    I wish there were a card that would max out a character. It would make puzzle questing much easier.

    Tell Todd we can bring up the Mean Street Posse if it help him listen to any wrestling talk we may have. We are here for our listeners!

  • Jared Lanham

    Great first show gentlemen! I see you have learned from others mistakes on their first episodes…I shall name no names! I loved that you talked about MPQ! Knowing this unicorn card is out there has made me want to play more! Great insight on Man of Steel as well, you summed up in one line, what others tried to get out in 1 hour…and didn’t succeed! All and all, great stuff, great first outing, look forward to more! Let’s get this network moving!!!!

  • Jason Kirk

    I tried to reply to this in the WordPress app but it never posted so I’m just gonna copy it here on the website.
    Thanks for the feedback Jared. I’m glad we lived up to the expectation set up by the plug you guys gave us on Prodigal Sons. Thankfully we did a test show the week before so we had some clue what we were doing. Sorry about the confusion regarding the unicorn card. That really should exist if you ask me. And I couldn’t agree more about the network.