This is the first in a series of podcast reviews that I will be posting on our website from time to time. Those who know me are very aware that I am a bit of a podcast junkie. I am currently subscribed to 43 podcasts and for the most part I listen to every episode. How is that even possible you might ask. Well, that’s my little secret.

The podcast I am reviewing today has the distinction of being the second podcast I ever listened to. Well, at least it used to be. You see, Longbox Heroes is the second iteration of a podcast hosted by Todd Rowker and Leonard F. Chikarason. Like their first podcast, they review comics and talk about all the comic related news and events of the week. This also includes reviews and discussions about comic book movies and TV shows, such as The Flash and The Walking Dead. Basically, if you’re a fan of comics or the TV shows and movies that they have spawned, then you will enjoy listening the show.

Todd and Leonard have been friends for a long time, which brings a welcome familiarity to the show. While their tastes are similar, they are different enough that they don’t always like or dislike the same things. Any disagreement they may have about a comic is always respectful and leads to interesting debates as to why they feel how they do.

Another great thing about the show is that Todd and Leonard go out of their way to not trash books, stories or creators that they may not like. In doing so, they helped inspire what David and I try to do on every episode of Podvocacy. If you want to hear how terrible a book is there are plenty of podcasts that will accommodate you, and I even listen to some of them. But what keeps me coming back to Longbox Heroes is the positive show that the hosts give me each week.

If you are a fan of comics or just want to listen to two people talk about something they are passionate about, I cannot recommend Longbox Heroes enough. It has two great hosts who know what they are talking about and are positive about it at the same time. If you listen and do not fall in love with at least one of the comics they recommend on the show, I will eat my shirt. As long as you let me put ketchup on it. No way I can do that without ketchup. It’ll be way too dry.

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