This week, Jason and David set the record straight on a few controversies from last week’s show. We also discuss Christopher Nolen’s controversial remarks about mid and post-credit scenes. We talk about Marvel Puzzle Quest’s new alliance upgrade, which some people aren’t exactly happy about. There’s also the matter of WWE jilting an entire country of its fans.

We also talk about the first clip being released for ABC’s Agent Carter series, and sound problems with Interstellar.

David went and saw Birdman, and gives his impressions, in addition to our thoughts on Gotham, Walking Dead, The Blacklist and the first part of the Doctor Who season finale.

Enjoy the second episode of Podvocacy.

First Clip from Agent Carter.

Christopher Nolen’s Interstellar has some sound issues.

Nolen doesn’t think “real movies” have mid and post-credit scenes.

Or does he.

WWE cancels UK WWE Network roll out, 20 minutes before it was supposed to begin.

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  • – You’ll get your full season order if your ratings are higher than the debut of Lucha Underground, you’ll be OK
    – Any reason why you guys both independently of each other had sleep studies done? It seems to be the cool thing to do.
    – And the name of that OTHER podcast is the “Prod Prod” They’ll get it right eventually.
    – And yes, Jason, you were unclear about that Hulk card. My mind is now just being unblown
    – That history of the Apes movies in order was very impressive.
    – Not sure how I feel about Toy Story 4 being a thing. Pixar typically doesn’t make a sequel for the sake of making a sequel, other than Cars 2, IMO, but we shall see.
    – Not a Patton Oswald fan, Jason?!?!?! SHAME!
    – Very jealous of your ‘local theater’ being an Alamo Drafthouse. I just hope you visited the basement, David.
    – I don’t even think ‘Birdman’ is playing near me, but it’s on my list of stuff to watch alone at 5am
    – Still not on Gotham yet but everyone loves that Penguin!
    – I would absolutely agree with David, re: AMC’s the Walking Dead. If you watch the last two, maybe even three episodes of season four, and the four episodes of this season, you’re golden.
    – MAYHEM! That’s the great Dennis Duffy aka the Subway Hero!
    – It does stink that Brian spent so many hero points to expand the alliance only for D3 to do it for free. Their argument is you paid to have it early, but the flaw in that is they never said we’re going to EVENTUALLY make this feature free, but if you want it TODAY, cough it up!
    – I did figure out a way to end better, not great in Versus events, but I’m not going to reveal it here 🙂
    – The WWE Network thing in the UK is pretty screwy. This Cliff Notes from the Observer this past week, but Sky Sports, who handles both RAW and the PPVs in the UK. I think only the “Big Four” (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Summer Slam and Survivor Series) are actual PPVs on Sky, the rest just come with the cable package. When WWE announced they were giving away Survivor Series for free on the Network this Month, Sky raised a stink. NOW, they did not block the Network from starting in the UK, WWE pulled it for now as a show of good faith. WWE is taping RAW & SmackDown in the UK next week, so that’s gonna be an unruly crowd
    – Apparently me (and Bryce) are the only ones who like the non-guest episodes of the Steve Austin podcast. He told a great story this past Tuesday about clipping his toe nails. No really, it was GREAT!
    – No cowbell or franken chicken to close out the show?

  • -I had to have a sleep study done because my doctor is concerned about the combination of my sleep habits and eating habits causing my heart to become enlarged. It’s merely coincidence (albeit a strange one) that our studies were scheduled for the same night. By all rights, I should’ve had mine a couple of weeks ago, but the sleep clinic had transposed digits in my phone number and couldn’t reach me until I called my doctor’s office to find out why they hadn’t called me.

    -Thanks for the info on the UK WWE Network stuff. I’ll make sure to mention that in the “corrections” section of next week’s episode.

    -Since I’ve only seen 30 Rock a handful of times, I forgot that Dean Winters played Dennis Duffy.

    -I asked to visit the basement of the Alamo Drafthouse, but they all laughed at me. I still can’t find my bicycle.