Episode 3: Too Many Interestings

Creepy Guy

This week is an interesting episode of Podvocacy. David clumsily tries to explain his reasoning for using decimals in movie ratings. Jason and David talk about an interesting development in comic book writing. Doctor Doom gets an interesting new origin. Adult Swim gives us a bizarre/disturbing take on the classic sitcom opening credit sequence. We discuss an interesting week in television, and some interesting developments in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

CM Punk writing a story in Thor Annual #1

Doctor Doom is a blogger?

Too Many Cooks

Is Aunt May getting her own movie?


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  • C.O.O.K.S. Cybernetic Operational Optimized Knights of Science

    Also, if you guys haven’t seen it, Broomshakalaka by Adult Swim is also great:

  • – I didn’t mention it on Twittah, but good luck on that audition, David
    – Movie rating scale info. Ahh, the eternal debate. You make a good argument for raking those four star movies among themselves, the IMDB way
    – No secrets here, that Mushroom Jones character is really tech wizard Todd himself!
    – Production values! But UGH. Better you play that music than the AFI song. Gives me chills. Bad chills.
    – No one wants to see a Voldemort Thor. NO ONE
    – The Corman FF documentary, Doomed, is not on Netflix YET. I haven’t pulled the trigger to purchase it yet since there is no VOD option.
    – There are TONS of great jokes in “Too Many Cooks” but I agree, it could have been edited by a few minutes. Outside of the gag where he finds the girl in the closet, the whole killer thing could have been removed.
    – YAY! War Rocket Ajax mention! I love Every Story Ever. I know someone who’s favorite story is Identity Crisis…
    – Sins Past is my bottom of the pile story, the one where Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn’s super aging ninja kids come back to do…something to Peter. The only gap in my Amazing Spider-Man run dating back to the mid 80’s
    – CLANCY BROWN! He’s also Mister Krabs! I love Sponge Bob but Mama won’t let me…I mean the Man watch it anymore
    – I had a similar reaction and explanation regarding Grodd, but not as much as an explanation discussing ‘The General’ and ‘the Shaggy Man’
    – I would have went with a “This is Where the Power Lies, BRUTHER”
    – I’m probably going to be primarily Story for the foreseeable future. At least until this one is over in four days. Versus is too discouraging these days.
    – Jason, I have four 4-stars with no upgrades, four more with one upgrade. Play the waiting game! Dump those unupgraded two star folks!

  • Ooohhh, and here’s the Children in Need clip of the Doctor Who Christmas special:

  • That might even be better than Too Many Cooks. I’m still laughing. Also, big fan of the snarky elves on Dr Who

  • Your insight is most welcome as always, LFC. Thanks for the correction on the Corman doc, I knew it existed, just couldn’t remember where. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to drop Human Torch for Mystique!