Episode 4: Jib Cuttaz

Thanks for downloading episode 4 of Podvocacy.

This week, Jason and David discuss Arrow actor Stephen Amell’s feelings about DC, the creepiness of Oswald Cobblepot and a Ranger puts back on his shoulder pads.There’s also plenty of discussion of David’s upcoming adventure playing Javert in an upcoming production of Les Miserables, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy talk, Chikara discussion and much more.

We also unveil our new rating system…which will get posted on the website this weekend.


Stephen Amell has an issue with DC.

Jason David Frank is back in Power Ranger Green.

Batman 1966 re-creates a lost episode, featuring Two Face.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s ratings are not good…

io9.com’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode guide.

Marvel Puzzle Quest goes cosmic.

Update: Unfortunately, there were some technical issues this episode. My (David’s) microphone was cutting in and out for the first half. Some of the audio I was able to save and amplify to a listenable volume, but some of it was too far gone. I’ve made a second attempt at fixing the issue, but it’s just not to be. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope you enjoy the episode anyway.

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  • David, your mic is all over the place on this one. 🙁 There’s a few silent gaps.

  • Yeah, I know. My regular mic was cutting in and out, and I had to replace it about 30 minutes in. I tried fixing it in post, but it was too far gone. Sorry.

  • I forgive you. I’m at the 40 minute mark, and yeah, everything sounds golden now.

  • – You guys can do a sign language podcast right after Todd & I do our all singing podcast
    – I know I mentioned it on Twitter, but congrats on getting that audition, David
    – I heard some rumblings about Mr. Amell giving DC da bizness, but did not read the article for fear of spoilers
    – Power Rangers was a bit past my time, already moving on the ECW TV and Sega Genesis games. My younger brother still has a lot of those original toys MIB
    – Birdman AND Nightcrawler are playing at the movie theater I can see from my desk at work, but instead I’m going to see Mockingjay this weekend 🙁
    – TJ MILLER! YEAH, DENVER! Also, Jakob Hammermeier’s stunt double
    – I just stay until after the credits role on everything. Not taking any chances!
    – It’s in my queue! re: Agents of SHIELD. One day…
    – Cult of Personality was a good song way before Voldermort ruined it
    – I feel Gotham will be watched sooner than Agents of SHIELD will be
    – Comic news I missed out on? re: that Two Face/Batman ’66 stuff. Sounds cool!
    – That Batman ’66 DVD set (no Blu Ray for me) is the one thing I want from Santa this year, it is refreshing to hear the digital only versions from Google Play are available
    – Don’t worry, I’ll be spoiling that last page of Guardians of the Galaxy #21 on next week’s Longbox Heroes
    – I do like what they did with Rocket & Groot in MPQ. Us cool kids call it that *SNIFF* I don’t see myself in getting them on the first run through.
    – David, you saying Silver Ant is your favorite warms my heart to no end. Kingston may not be happy about this, but he’ll never see this 🙂
    – “Going all Undertaker” about sums it up. Bryce’s crowning achievement
    – Who is this Paul and why is he wearing a cast?
    – Jason sounds like Todd, dropping the wrestling vernacular
    – the only socko account on Twitter I have is my wife’s since she hates Twitter. Conversely, while away for wrestling she accidentally started a Pinterest page in my name