Happy New Year

Happy new year, everyone! Thanks for downloading the first episode of Podvocacy for 2015.

On this week’s show, Jason and David discuss car accidents, Into the Woods and our favorite tv shows and movies of 2014. We also look ahead to what 2015 will bring us.

We also talk our favorite comics of 2014, as well as give away another free comic. We’ll also talk some Marvel Puzzle Quest, and David talks about some of his favorite matches from 2014.

We hope that 2014 treated you well, and that 2015 will treat you even better, and as always thanks for listening.

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  • – Sound effects! We’re going crazy in 2015!
    – More hot CPAP machine talk!
    – Glad to hear both of your New Year’s Eve’s were as lame as mine
    – David with the super lofty goals. Good luck, man. That’s a crazy business
    – I have no idea what this ‘Hump Day’ commercial you are both talking about. Perhaps for the best
    – I also have no idea what this stage show/movie ‘Into the Woods’ is. Color me tuned out
    – The real question was how many scarves was Johnny Depp wearing?
    – So I have NPR to blame for my near accident? Was it Adnan’s fault as well?
    – I have still not seen a single frame of either ‘Gotham’ or ‘Constantine.’ One day…
    – For me, I go with Guardians over Winter Soldier. My logic is, while Cap 2 was a better movie and I want to watch it again, I had more fun with Guardians and need to watch it again.
    – I do find your theory about Quicksilver interesting, Jason, but still, I enjoyed it very much.
    – Today, I am more excited for Avengers 2 than the new Star Wars film. But that may change when I see that trailer before Avengers 2
    – David, coming out to *where ever King of Trios is happening*? Maybe then Jason will be there as well?
    – I’m going to have to hunt down that Deadpool annual you keep talking about, David
    – When you said “Wade” I immediately thought of Mark Waid dressed as Spidey, which is a completely different visual
    – My home desktop is the Batgirl/Purple Rain cover coming this March http://designfaves.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Batgirl-Purple-Rain.jpg
    – You should have stuck with Amazing Spider-Man! Slott did a great job in keeping things contained
    – Bold statement there, Jason, comparing anything, let alone your book of the year to the great Superior Foes (save that one issue)
    – The frustration is setting in on Puzzle Quest, losing 100 to 150 points an hour in Versus and I hate Simulator (just dull, IMO), but David keep at that top 50 finish, man.
    – If only you could see my emails regarding Daniel Bryan’s announcement from this past Monday. Boy howdy…
    – Vince (any era) and JBL are leaps and bounds above the schmoe you chose as your Wrestling Announcer of the Year.

  • – I figured that since I was making it the title, I had probably better add some in.
    – I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a New Year’s Eve party in my life. “Lame” doesn’t even begin to describe me.
    – Ask Icarus about “Into the Woods.”
    – Depp wasn’t wearing any scarves. He played the big bad wolf, and was dressed in a zoot suit, as sort of a homage to Tex Avery. See picture below. http://bit.ly/1A0fNmk
    – My hope is that if I get to come out east, that I can convince Jason to come to Trios with me.
    – I disagree, heartily, with your self assessment. JBL makes me want to knock out his bicuspids, and while I love 80s Vince, I choo-choo-choose you, any day, LFC.

  • -I freaking loved those sound effects when I heard them. David is the man.
    -Considering Adnan could very well be a murderer, I certainly think you could blame him.
    -I think you summed up my thoughts on Cap 2 vs. Guardians way better than I did
    -I am going to try to make it to Trios if possible. Is next years schedule released yet?
    -I didn’t realize it at the time but yes, I was making a very bold statement. But god do I love both books.
    -I’m sure I’ll read ASM in trade.

    -Now I really want to see those e-mails!

    -And finally, you haven’t seen this commercial, LFC? http://youtu.be/7LtjzQaFZ3k