I thought a good way to start off the new year would be to highlight some of my favorite podcasts that I haven’t yet listed on our links page. While I highly recommend the podcasts listed on that page, these are some of the my favorites for reasons that I will share with you now. So here now are my podcast recommendations for 2015!


The Morning Stream
Hosts: Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott

The flagship show of Scott Johnson’s Frogpants Network, The Morning Stream can best be described as a morning show without all of the annoyances that usually come with them. That means no commercial breaks or hard stops, nor will you hear any weather and traffic on the “8’s”. They do take a break halfway through each episode, but that is for Brian to play a cover song as requested by a listener, which is how they end the show as well. They record a show every weekday except for Friday, but because of their support level on Patreon, they do a fifth “PM” episode every Thursday evening so you still get 5 shows a week to listen to.



We Have Concerns
Hosts: Jeff Cannata and Anthony Carboni

A newer entrance into my podcast rotation, We Have Concerns is a thought-provoking comedy podcast that is incredibly funny. Both Jeff and Anthony have backgrounds in improv comedy and do a wonderful job riffing off of each other. This is easily the shortest podcast I listen to as well, with nearly every episode clocking in at under 20 minutes. So even trying out a few episodes won’t take much of your time. It was also voted one of iTunes Best of 2014, so I think you’ll find it’s more than worth checking out.




No Agenda
Hosts: Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak

No Agenda certainly falls into my top 5 podcasts, and I dare say it is the most important one I listen to. Each episode is a mix of comedy, insight, and media deconstruction. They look at the news of the day in a way that you will not see on TV or in newspapers and they also have the most unique support system of any podcast, with listeners who contribute money or information referred to as “producers”. I myself was an Associate-Executive Producer of Episode 587 and I continue to contribute to this day. This is by far the longest podcast I listen to, with episodes coming in at around 3 hours. If current events interest you at all, this is the one to try. Go in with an open mind and I think you’ll enjoy the results.



Hollywood Babble-On
Hosts: Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman

If you work with me, chances are you may have, at some point, heard me laughing while listening with my headphones. There’s a good chance I was listening to this podcast when that happened. Regardless of how you may feel about Kevin Smith’s movies, the chemistry he displays with Ralph Garman is undeniably hilarious. From the duo’s beginning during Smith’s weekly appearances with Ralph on the Kevin and Bean show on K-ROCK to their current streak of selling out the Hollywood Improv to record the podcast, the show has grown into a great back-and-forth between the hosts. Covering everything from listener e-mails to the week’s celebrity and geek news, no one is safe from the comic barbs these two throw out each show.



Hosted by Justin Robert Young

The only single host show on this list, JuRY is a little harder for me to categorize. And that shouldn’t make you think it isn’t any good – quite the opposite. I love listening to Young’s musings each week and he wades through topics ranging from attending underground wrestling shows to helping listeners decide if it’s ok to lose their virginity to a hooker. Yes, someone actually emailed in asking that, and it led to a great discussion on the topic. Primarily a comedian at heart, I also see Young as a sort of philosopher, and listening to him have a conversation with himself is always fun and insightful.


I hope this list leads to you listening to at least one of these great shows, if not all of them. Podcasts are a great medium and the more people consume them, the better for all of us who create them. The more the merrier!

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