Agent Ressler as a cat
At this point, I’m not even sure Reddington can kill him.


Thanks for downloading another episode of Podvocacy. This week, we talk about the return of Missy to series 9 of Doctor Who, a fan film that looks at what happens when Power Rangers grow up, and the abominable Aquaman poster recently released.

We discuss Fish eyes, Agent Donald Ressler’s cat-like avoidance of certain doom, Barry Allen’s insistence on revealing his identity at every turn and further speculation about the Black Widow program.

Deadpool has some surprises for us in Marvel Puzzle quest, while the WWE played things pretty safe with their Fastlane pay-per-view.

Thanks again for listening, and if you like Jason on Podvocacy, why don’t you check out his guest appearance on the Prodigal Sons podcast this week.

Have a great week!

Missy returning for Doctor Who series 9

A dark look at the Power Rangers

Jason Momoa’s ridiculous Zack Snyder Aquaman costume.

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  • My comment disappeared! Trust me, I had a bunch of witty things here. Like:
    – Jason, sorry to hear about the family issue you’ve had recently
    – luckily we all have very handy significant others. That home repair thing sounds like my nightmare
    – do we really need a grim and gritty Power Rangers? I hope there is an “Itty Bitty Mortal Kombat” comic coming soon
    – I don’t HATE the movie Aquaman, mostly because it’s just a picture. DC has set their movie universe as such if he showed up with blonde hair and an orange top, he’d be chased out of the building.
    – What if, guys, at the end of this season the Flash, EVERYONE knows Barry is the Flash? For a better part of the Geoff Johns run, he was a public hero.
    – DON’T KNOW WHO JEFFREY COMBS IS???? He was the voice of the Question on JLU!
    – wrestling would be a better place if everyone wore face paint
    – Sting & HHH will have a perfectly acceptable sports entertainment contests. I’m sure they’ll go over it once or twice (or 100 times) at the performance center

  • Ah, Disqus strikes again. This happened at to me before as well. Thank you for the kind words as well. Totally down with Flash being public too, looks like they are heading that way anyways.

  • I had the same problem when trying to comment on Dadstractions on Monday.
    – We probably didn’t need a grim and gritty Power Rangers, but it sure was a fun thing to have, IMO.
    – That’s a fair point that I hadn’t thought of. They could certainly be going that route, especially since it would serve to further separate The Flash and Arrow.
    – Yeah, I never really got into the DC Animated series. I don’t think I’ve seen an episode of JLU.
    – Eh…I’d be okay if the only people wearing face paint were the Devastation Corporation and Sting. That’s it! That’s the list!
    – And, I’m sure you’re right that the Sting/HHH match will be down cold by the time they get to Levi’s Stadium.

  • More lists!