WrestleMania 31
Image Copyright: WWE



Thanks for downloading our first wrestling special, covering WrestleMania 31. We decided that a 4 hour plus wrestling spectacular should probably take more than the 10 or 15 minutes we usually use to cover wrestling, so here it is, our first special episode devoted solely to wrestling.

Thanks for downloading, and we hope you enjoy!


Oh…and here are images of my two favorite RKOs of all time:

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  • – Outside of big Dave Meltzer, this is the ONLY podcast I will be listening to this week solely dealing with Manier
    – a friend and I lamented that Cesaro did not giant swing (my idea) or pop up uppercut (his idea) Torito
    – Luke Harper was the MVP of the IC title ladder match and if the SmackDown spoilers are to be true, I’m super psyched for the Harper/Ambrose feud
    – I would like them to rebuild both the IC and US titles, but time will tell
    – It’s times like WresleMania where I fall in love with Randy Orton all over again
    – Love Drake’s smile in the Terminator reveal pic
    – “Having never watched a Sting match…” Jason, Jason, Jason…just search on the Network any Sting vs. Cactus Jack or vs. Vader match and prepare to be AMAZED!
    – I had a feeling Brock/Roman would be good to fine because of Brock. He does not have bad matches
    – I wish Neville did wrestle in the cape. More wrestlers need capes!

  • – I thank you for being so faithful in listening to us. You’re a good friend, and I can’t wait to shake your hand in September.
    – Giant swinging Torito would have been fun, but I would like to see how much air he could get on the pop up.
    – Yes! A Harper/Ambrose feud will be great.
    – Time will definitely tell.
    – As I’ve said, I’m not the biggest Randy Orton fan, but there are those occasions where he puts it all together and is undeniably great.
    – Drake’s smile is absolutely fantastic.
    – I co-sign all of this. All of it. Sting vs Vader at Starrcade 92 is one of my favorite matches ever.

  • That is some crazy high praise, Leonard, and I thank you for it. And I
    will make the Sting vs. Vader match my homework for next episode