Episode 20: Fresh Herb

Everything's Okay
Everything’s Okay


Welcome back, and thanks for downloading this week’s episode of Podvocacy. On this week’s episode, your hosts regale you with tales of pizza orders gone wrong and bad starts to ultimately good vacations.

We talk about the veritable TrailerMania of the last week or so, with new teasers/trailers for Star Wars, Fantastic Four and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice having been released. We also talk about news coming out of this past weekend’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim.

In TV reviews, Commissioner Loeb tries to take care of his biggest problem, bugs and awkwardness invade Central City, and apparently, Skye can move mountains.

We’ll also talk about the de-clawing of Wolverine in Marvel Puzzle Quest, and do a short preview of Extreme Rules 2015…which you can watch for free if you sign up for the WWE Network.

As always, thanks for listening, and if you’ve got a few minutes, we’d appreciate it if you’d head to iTunes and leave us a review.


Face, the band that David took his wife to see for her birthday

The new Star Wars trailer

Sphero is working on a consumer version of BB-8

Some detail on Rogue One plot

Josh Trank misses Star Wars Celebration panel due to illness

Fantastic Four Trailer

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Batman v Superman: Retro trailer

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  • – poor Herb, at least he gets top billing
    – yes, David, we’re all old. Afro Man hit big in the summer of 2001
    – I originally thought the ‘Transmissions’ podcast could have helped me with my car troubles, but, alas, I am not driving Bumblebee
    – Oh David, so sorry there was such an issue with your trip. Sounds like a nightmare, glad you guys all ended up there safe and sound
    – “For those of you who don’t speak prequels”
    – I have not and was barely aware that there was a new Fantastic Four trailer
    – The biggest bummer for me about Batman v Superman is that even in a year’s time, I can’t see myself bringing my son to see this
    – Did you WANT the Bug Eyed Bandit to sing?!?!?!
    – I know I saw Jason tweeting negative stuff about last week’s Flash, bummer, man, as I thought it was a lot of fun
    – “They just do things right” something never said about either myself or Todd
    – I’m in the same boat re: X-Force Wolverine, I have three covers for him (one of each power) and rarely use him, so this recent update has no effect on me
    – David, you SAY you can impersonate Dusty but then you don’t share it?
    – There it is!

  • – I have you to thank for reminding me that Herb needed to get his spotlight.
    – I’m actually far less concerned with my age than the way I came off on the show. I’m constantly telling my wife that we’re not that old…even though our son will turn 16 this summer.
    – I was going to listen to it the next time I had to try and drive a stick shift.
    – Thanks, LFC. It was a rough go, but my wife was super helpful, even when things were looking their worst.
    – You’re definitely one of those people.
    – That’s okay. You’re not missing much.
    – Nope. Definitely not going to be a kids’ film.
    – I didn’t necessarily want the Bug Eyed Bandit to sing, but I do not mind Emily Kinney’s singing.
    – He’s just a sourpuss. (j/k Jason)
    – Oh, come on…you guys do a great job.
    – It’s funny that Brian has such a hard time with Wolverine, because I’m still getting destroyed by him. My Hulk got obliterated by X-Force Wolverine this morning. Knocked his damage almost halfway with one shot.
    – Once I said it, I knew I had to do it, but I wanted it to make it an outro of sorts. Jason is a saint for following all of my BS this week.

  • I had a feeling I’d be alone in my view of The Flash, but there was just too much about the episode that bothered me. And you guys do just do it right. So be quiet 🙂

  • I think “sourpuss” and “saint” both describe me perfectly.