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Welcome back to Podvocacy, the podcast that dares to ask: Who’ll stop the rain?

This week, we tried to recover from podcasting until the wee hours with the rest of the Soon To Be Named Network, and David saw a couple of movies…including one that he starred in.

We discuss Dwayne Johnson’s attempts to become Kurt Russell, how Tomorrowland’s lack of success may have killed a property David was looking forward to, and whether or not the well pedigreed writing staff on the Transformer films can overcome Michael Bay as director.

We discuss the summer shows that we’re looking forward to, interested in, and not even going to give a sniff. We talk about the beginning of the Marvel Puzzle Quest season. We also discuss various wrestling topics, including WWE’s Elimination Chamber, and a live wrestling show that David went to, put on by NRW, a local Denver independent wrestling organization.

We finish the show with a discussion of Mad Max: Fury Road, and give it a rating on our elephant seal rating system.


Dwayne Johnson in talks to produce and star in a remake of Big Trouble in Little China

Tomorrowland’s lack of success preventing Tron 3

Transformers adds two females to writing staff

Summer TV preview

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  • – pulling back the curtain on the ‘magic’ of the Jam episode
    – I am not a beach person either, having been there less than five times in my life. That said, I have a beach vacation coming up in two weeks
    – Jason, no Big Trouble in Little China? What are you doing, man?
    – Oh, Jason, please provide this list of shame and allow us to vote on what you have to watch!
    – Not unlike Affleck to Kevin Smith, the Rock is like that to me, he should be in everything
    – Dan Slott summed up the ‘problems’ with Tomorrowland here: – in summary, with a ‘new property’ you have to give people ‘something.’ By giving them nothing, no one had any incentive to see it.
    – Call me when the ‘Batteries Not Included’ remake comes down the pike
    – Firstly, who knew the Transformers movies had scripts?
    – Sadly, with the move away from cable, etc., I’ve missed out on Ninja Warrior. I might need to fix that
    – No one is excited for the new season on Tough Enough? C’mon, PEEE-PLE!
    – There is a member of the Chikara roster who competes elsewhere under a different name who also hosts a afternoon drive radio show. Strange world
    – I would ask if your behavior at the NRW was ‘acceptable’ by the said IWC, but that’s something a garbage person would do
    – I get what you are saying about Cena and the aforementioned IWC, but while everyone is ‘online’ you know what they mean when that term is thrown around. Cena will not and cannot change.

  • – At this point, I don’t even remember what was said, other than how late it ran.
    – I enjoy the beach, and it’s usually easy to find me. I’m the guy wearing jeans.
    – I enjoyed Slott’s comments. I’m actually thinking about going to see Tomorrowland this evening.
    – No one can replace Jessica Tandy.
    – It’s on straight up NBC now on Monday nights.
    – I will probably watch Tough Enough, but I’m not all that excited for it.
    – I actually know who that is.
    – A couple of people behind us told us that they enjoyed our antics, and I think we kind of persuaded some other people to let their hair down. I was cheering hardcore for the good guys, while my friend was rooting for the bad guys, and I had to throw a few “Will you stop?”s at him. If nothing else, we enjoyed ourselves.
    – I do know what they mean, but I think it’s a nebulous term at best. I don’t think that group has any one consolidated opinion. That’s why there’s always so much in-fighting. Just my opinion, though.