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Welcome back to Podvocacy, the only podcast that dares remark: “Love will find a way!”

This week, Jason and David spend time discussing teething babies, children who are out of town, and the price of pizza. We also talk about Kevin Feige and James Gunn’s big weeks talking to the media. The Guardians of the Galaxy sequel gets an official title. There will not be a Back to the Future remake anytime soon. Also, Return to Oz recently turned 30.

We talk about the latest movies in our Summer of Shame series, with Jason watching the original Terminator, and David watching Zack Snyder’s 300. We talk briefly about new characters being added to Marvel Puzzle Quest. And we finish up with a brief discussion about the latest issue of Monday Night Raw, and the upcoming July 4th WWE Network special.

As always, thanks for listening.


Will we see The Hulk in Civil War?

Guardians of the Galaxy sequel gets title.

Kevin Feige discusses Spider-Man and TV/film crossover in the MCU

There will not be a Back to the Future remake, if Robert Zemeckis can help it.

Return to Oz turns 30

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  • – I think at this point, once you get to a year of doing the show, that’s the next recognizable milestone
    – I had an alleged surprise 30th birthday thrown for me and my brother. By alleged I mean our significant others did a poor job of keeping it a secret
    – Oh boy, Jason, Grayson getting that first tooth early will set the stage for getting EVERYTHING early!
    – I think I need to have a discussion with Todd about this drinking while podding thing
    – I saw Return to Oz ONCE and never had a desire to see it again.
    – I do worry that some of the T-1000 effects from Terminator 2 would not hold up
    – David, you dislike Jerry Butler?
    – I remember enjoying 300 as one of the first “gotta watch in the theaters” sort of experience
    – David never saw Memento?? You are in for a treat!
    – Am I the only one of the group that has the Thing?
    – Sorry to let you down about no Dadstractions this week
    – Very excited to see Brock reaction in ring to all of the New Day schtick