Welcome back to Podvocacy, the show so good…it had to have two titles.

This week, David and Jason forego news talk and talk about the Fantastic Four film and the Deadpool trailer. Jason had a lot to say, and even appeared on the Longbox Heroes After Dark round table about the film.

The Summer of Shame keeps moving forward with discussions of the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film The Shining and Duncan Jones’ Moon starring Sam Rockwell.

We also discuss the latest update to Marvel Puzzle Quest, and talk about the season finale of Lucha Underground and the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw.

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  • – full disclosure: since this was a light comics news week, we did a TON of TV news on LBH and I was going to email you guys to make sure we didn’t cross over too much. Thankfully, you decided to skip news mostly
    – more full disclosure: not a funnel cake fan.
    – I do like Jason’s ‘silver lining’ about the Fantastic Four movie: at least the grips got paid
    – I didn’t HATE the Deadpool trailer (Colossus looked REALLY good) but people I spoke to afterwards are actively trying to change my mind. If it ends up being a ‘period piece’ that takes place in the 90’s then all the dated jokes in the trailer may work
    – Now, if we can only get Jason to watch the Simpons for the Shining parody episode
    – the fact that Kubrick and Shelly Duval were nominated for Razzies is CRAZY!
    – Who knew there were more than one person out there named “RAYFF”
    – Jason never saw no ‘Kill Bill’ neither?
    – The graphical changes to MPQ are no big whoop
    – I got THREE covers for one star Spidey and I’m keeping Iron Man
    – careful with those real names, David, don’t want that #shoottrash label 😉
    – I’m surprised Jason had not already watched the Amell/Stardust segment from Raw

  • – I’ve listened to about half of this week’s LBH, and you’re right. You did cover a lot of TV news, including some stuff that I had down to cover before we decided not to do news.
    – Interesting. The only thing that could’ve made the one on Friday night better was if there had been some kind of fruit compote on top. I prefer strawberries.
    – That Jason…always seeing the bright side of life. *whistles*
    – It’ll be interesting to see if they reference Wade Wilson’s presence in X-Men Origins at all.
    – I’m not the biggest Simpsons fan in the world, but even I’ve seen that episode.
    – The Razzies are terrible.
    – I think it’s actually a pretty common name in Welsh, Gaelic and Celtic traditions.
    – Nope. I’m interested in hearing his thoughts.
    – So, are you going to open up a new slot for Spider-Man, or are you giving some poor two star character the heave ho?
    – In fairness, since they used his real name as part of the story line, I’m pretty sure that I’m still just #workedtrash.
    – I thought about sending it to him to watch before we started, but I never got around to it. I was too busy making him feel bad with my workout regimen.

  • Now I know I have to send these Amell segments to Jason myself. And I have (had) so many Hero points, I used 1650 to open new roster slots for one star Spidey and four star Deadpool