The Soggy Bottom Boys

Welcome back to Podvocacy, the only podcast that dares ask the question: isn’t she lovely?

This week Jason and David discuss what a George Miller helmed Man of Steel film might look like, changes to come for Gotham’s Bruce Wayne, and Alamo Drafthouse is celebrating Steven Spielberg’s oeuvre next month.

Last week, Jason challenged David to give Rick and Morty a chance. How does David feel about this Adult Swim show?

The Summer of Shame continues with Jason watching Kill Bill Vol 2 and David watching Starship Troopers. How did our hosts enjoy their films this week?

Finally, there is no wrestling content on this episode, but look for our special SummerSlam review episode later this week.


Is a George Miller Superman film really what we want?

David Mazouz talks about changes for Bruce Wayne in Gotham season 2

Alamo Drafthouse to celebrate “Septemberg”

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  • – a separate King of Trios episode? AWESOME!
    – high to mid 90’s in Colorado and 70’s in Pennsylvania? What sort of witchcraft is this?
    – I’m not ready to be excited about George Miller’s possible involvement in the DC cinematic universe until the movie is released in theaters
    – Isn’t Bruce Wayne still just a little boy in ‘Gotham’? He’s going to be a 12 year old playboy?
    – More things are ‘Die’ on the ‘Funny or Die’ site. There is some GI Joe/We Are The World mash up I remember laughing at?
    – I know the Drafthouse is doing all of Spielly’s catalog, but I don’t see people clamoring for repeat viewings of ‘The Color Purple’
    – David, you dislike Doctor Spaceman? Granted, 30 Rock is the only thing I’ve seen him in
    – I’ve seen Kill Bill vol. 1 many, many more times than vol. 2. I need to remedy that
    – I was really afraid you were going to make Jason watch ‘Swept Away’
    – That’s a deep cut on Patrick Muldoon being on ‘Saved by the Bell’
    – ‘Kiefer Sutherland’s dad’ he has a name!
    – Hey guys, where’s all the wrestling content?

  • – I’m going to try and give Jason a little schooling before he comes out for Saturday’s show. Super excited for the Rey de Voladores matches.
    – I have no idea…but I don’t like it.
    – Fair.
    – Yeah, The Color Purple isn’t the first one off the tongue when you start naming big Spielberg movies. That’s part of why I mentioned it.
    – Actually, I’ve only seen a handful of 30 Rock episodes, and I don’t think he was in any of them. I dislike him more from his time on SNL.
    – Vol 2 is, to me, more of a classic Tarantino film than vol 1. I love them both, but there’s some fantastic writing in vol 2. Especially Budd’s conversation with Larry at the strip club.
    – I wouldn’t do that to anyone.
    – I hated his character, Jeff. And some wounds just don’t heal.
    – This exact phrase was going through my head.
    – I thought we did some wrestling content…but it must have been a dream. And you were there…and Todd was there…hmm