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With David on assignment getting his acting and singing on, Jason welcomes Jared of The Prodigal Sons Podcast to the show.  They cover a range of topics from Star Trek to The Muppets, including movie and trailer talk along with their thoughts on the upcoming seasons of their favorite shows. They also discuss how Jason went from a listener of Jared’s on the radio to guest starring on his podcast some 15 years later. You don’t want to miss this one, Podvocates!

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  • – My initial question before I begin listening is can I call Lance ‘Lance’ or can I call him Jared?
    – Have I mentioned before I have never seen any of the non-original series Star Trek TV shows? And maybe only five of the original series?
    – I’m glad I’m not the only one who watches the old RLM reviews ad nauseam
    – The Brian Star Trek show will happen the same day as the Kim Buffy show
    – I do remember the original ad campaign for ‘Titanic’ selling a completely different movie, then it getting delayed months and me thinking it was going to be a failure. I’m playing the waiting game on this one
    – The worse part about the Star Wars prequels, in Lucas’s mind, he WAS paying homage to the movies before it
    – Not caught up on anything that premiered last week and with ‘the Flash’ returning next week, that’s gonna push everything back
    – I have lived so much of my life ignoring the existence of the ‘Angry Birds’ movie. Thank you, Jason
    – If you haven’t, I highly recommend the episode of “How Did This Get Made” dealing with ‘the Smurfs’ movie
    – Jared, the ‘Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ is SOOOO good, it will make you hate all other Marvel cartoons
    – For me, ‘Smallville’ should have ended when they lost Lex as the main protagonist
    – With ‘Gotham’ whilst I would have LOVED a ‘Gotham Central’ my main problem with it is the weird changes. Like Bruce is supposed to be 8-10 years old, but all the villains (especially the ladies) are much, much older. Also, slight name changes (Ivy Pepper?) are odd as well.
    – Doing better than ‘Agents of SHIELD’ is not really a badge of honor
    – I would say this was a great Network plug, too bad there was no F & P this week
    – Jared, you absolutely do deserve a medal (at least) for making it through the whole show without swearing

  • I’ve listening to at least one “How Did This Get Made” (was it the one Ed Brubaker was on?) but the audio quality was so bad I didn’t go back. Has that improved at all?

  • They have been doing live shows of late, of varying audio quality, from terrible to passable. When all the guests are in studio, I think Paul F Tompkins was the guest for Smurfs, everything sounds great!