The Squidjib Holiday Spectacular

Agent Kirby Seybold
A still from Multiplayer

Longtime listeners of the show know that I (David) am an actor of absolutely no consequence. I’ve done quite a bit of theatre in the Denver area, and have done a few no budget independent films here and there. If you don’t live in the Denver area and have ever wanted to see my work, well…you’re in luck.

My friends at Squidjib Productions, a group that I’ve worked with several times dating back to when they were film students, are giving you an opportunity to watch their films, web series, and shorts on a live YouTube stream on Saturday. The specifics of what they’ll be airing haven’t been fully decided yet, but I know they’ll be airing their two full length features: At First Bite (which I have a small part in), and Multiplayer (which I have a rather large part in). They’ll also be airing new shorts that I have a part in, and episodes of their web series “Drinking with Goosebumps”. It all culminates at the end of the night with a live episode of “Drinking with Goosebumps.”

I will warn you that some of this stuff isn’t necessarily family friendly, but a lot of it is really funny, and really stinkin’ good for no budget independent film.

So go to this link, or watch the embedded stream below, Saturday December 26, starting at 1:30 PM ET. It should be a good time. Puls, I might be hanging around in the live stream chat on the YouTube page for a little while, so if you’re watching come say hi.

Also, if you’d like to get a head start, you can go to the Squidjib YouTube channel, and watch episodes of “Drinking With Goosebumps”, shorts, and trailers right now.

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