Thanks for downloading this week’s episode of Podvocacy, and welcome to 2016.

Jason and David are ringing in the new year by taking a look back at the year that was. They talk about the year that was in television, film, pop culture and wrestling and talk a little bit about the year to come. There’s also some Michael Bay/Transformer news that has Jason…excited?

We also briefly discuss the continued box office domination of The Force Awakens, as it looks to overtake Avatar.

Happy new year, everyone. Jason and David hope that 2016 will be everything that you want it to be and more.


Michael Bay to direct Transformers 5

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  • – Master Grayson’s Royal Gala
    – I have to date, not seen a full Transformers movie. I fell asleep watching the first one…twice. And have yet to have the desire to venture back to
    – Remember before this new Star Wars film, there was supposed to be a live action Star Wars TV show? Like about Storm Troopers or something?
    – JUST as I listen to this, The Force Awakens has passed Avatar.
    – This episode just served as a reminder of Netflix stuff I need to finish (Daredevil and Jessica Jones) or watch again (Kimmy Schmidt)
    – That’s a bummer about Christoph Waltz’s reasoning for not being in the Hateful Eight.
    – “I’m gonna let all of those people who want to see Batman v Superman opening weekend see it” both of them?
    – I think the biggest revalation of 2015 is that David is not only a ‘Barbershop’ fan, but a ‘Beautyshop’ fan as well
    – I was smiling all during your plug of Todd’s RAW tweets.
    – Related/unrelated, I was wearing my ‘Cold Slither’ t-shirt the other day, which resulted in me explaining that episode of GI Joe to my son since he asked what my shirt meant
    – also, not sure what to make of this, I an AWARE of Homestar Runner, I know Strong Bad is a thing, I have never watched a single frame of it
    – and there’s the STINGER!

  • I think you’re referring to Star Wars Underground. I have no doubt there will be a Star Wars show announced sometime this year. Whether it will be on television or Disney will use to it launch some online service (much like CBS with the new Star Trek series) is the real question.