Welcome back to Podvocacy. It’s been a few weeks, we realize, but there’s been a lot of life stuff preventing us from recording. Thanks for hanging with us and checking out the new episodes whenever we get them up.

This week, we don’t have a ton of television to talk about, because both of us are a bit behind. So, we talk some news and wrestling and that’s pretty much it. However, there was a fair bit of news, and we talked about the WWE’s Royal Rumble as well as David’s trip to NRW’s New Year’s Revolution on Saturday.

Thanks to Dutch Lombrowski and Supreme Overlord for Episode 49 Jeremy T Dennis for their contributions to the show.


Information about Star Wars Episode VIII, including revised release date

The Punisher getting his own Netflix series?

As well as basically anyone else they choose…

As discussed: Portal: No Escape by 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg

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  • – no pre-theme remarks? That’s fine, I’m just glad you’re back
    – I’ve noticed men of our age have an appriciation for David Bowie, but not a LOVE for him like other ages or genders
    – ‘I know he’s in Zoolander’ oh, Jason
    – ‘the Big Short’ also has Margot Robbie in a bathtub, if that’s your thing
    – Animal Kingdom and Avatar World, even more of a reason for me to never visit either
    – Unrelated to Daredevil season 2, I have 30 minutes left in the last episode of Jessica Jones
    – Why wasn’t the show title ‘Wipe the Shane from my Brain’?
    – Squirrel Girl is more suited for the cinematic universe, not slumming it on a Netflix show
    – ‘because Jeremy won’t email me back’ is the answer about the URL, BTW
    – Oh boy, with the show out early, this is BEFORE Raw last night…oh man
    – The new speculation is Mania will see Brock teaming with Undertaker to take on Bray and Braun Stroman
    – the Cleveland LeBrons? Is that the official name now? I’m really out of the loop
    – I marked out HUGE for the Pat Tanaka reference!

  • – The pre-show stuff, which is where I usually get the cold open from, was pretty uneventful.
    – I think it’s because he wasn’t someone our parents’ generation listened to, and during our formative years, his musical output wasn’t what we were listening to. I think of 86-90 as the time when I was starting to figure out what music I liked, and he had a couple of hit singles, but I don’t remember them at all.
    – I wish I had a video feed, because I’m sure my face when he said that was priceless.
    – No comment.
    – Animal Kingdom is fine if you have a park hopper pass. Everest is the best roller coaster in Walt Disney World. When we were there in November, we spent two partial days there. The first we did Kilimanjaro Safaris, Everest, Khali Rapids, Dinosaur: The Ride, and the second we spent an hour just going on Everest, and then left for another park. Kilimanjaro Safaris is great, especially for kids. I’m not a big Avatar fan, but if they build a good ride around it, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it just fine.
    – Are you and Todd going to talk about it at some point? Interested in hearing your reaction.
    – It probably should have been, but I was looking at something when he said it and didn’t write it down.
    – I’ll let you and Jason discuss that. I’d be okay with either.
    – Fair enough.
    – I only saw the ending of Raw, which seemed anti-climactic at best.
    – That’s an interesting plan. I suppose it will all depend on how they get there. I mean…how does Brock decide to team with the guy who’s kicked him in the balls a handful of times?
    – Something like that.
    – I marked out huge when Tharpe announced him. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to have a copy of “Bad Company” laying around.

  • Kelly Dowdy

    Hey David, this is Kelly, the head of production for NRW. Thanks for coming and reviewing the show and we are glad you had a great time. We hope to have you back very very soon. Sadly our audio was being weird but we made sure to have “Bad Company” ready for Pat lol

  • Thanks for commenting Kelly. I had a great time at the show, and will be back at some point. As of now, I’m planning on being at Never Broken in April, and hope to get to a Charged taping at some point. I will admit that I was marking out hard at Pat’s presence, so I may not have been paying attention to the music. 🙂