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This week, Jason has seen Deadpool and he really, really liked it, swearing and all. There’s plenty of discussion of Bob Odenkirk in the form of Better Call Saul and with Bob and David. Is he the funniest man alive? Quite possibly. Then the guys discuss movie news regarding Wolverine 3 and The Justice League. They don’t have high hopes for either at the moment…

Discussion then turns to The Flash, where Jason reveals the show’s fate at it pertains to Podvocacy. (Spoilers: It’s not pretty). Thankfully, they both still love Legends of Tomorrow! Finally, David gives WWE’s Fastlane PPV all the “meh’s” and Jason wonders if he’s even remotely excited for Wrestlemania this year.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 Trailer

Follow up on Justice League film

Wolverine 3 to be Old Man Logan

AMC knows how to get those ratings…

Yakko Yaks!

The Soon to Be Name Network

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  • – My Skype is still telling me ‘today’ is David’s birthday. No idea why
    – I still have not watched ‘With Bob and David’ yet. My life…
    – I am an old man who hates new things, I have zero idea who Kendric LaMar is
    – My level of ‘hate’ for Deadpool is nowhere near Jason’s hate of the Flash
    – I think I am more excited for season two of Kimmy Schmidt than season two of Daredevil
    – While big parts of the Old Man Logan comic cannot be transferred to film, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the movie are primarily people who were never horsement in the comics
    – ‘Any member of a Ska band is OK by me’ as I was typing it…
    – I do, however, enjoy a good Ska 80’s cover. Quite a bit actually
    – Do you think the big wigs, fat cats, call them what you will, are purposely preventing Jason from watching the Flash?
    – that deal with Jessie in the dungeon was super nit picky. It’s not like she chose to be in the dungeon
    – David, I love that theory about who is in the iron mask
    – hash brown shoe guy problems, I forget what a renissance man you are, David
    – There’s a difference between ‘stupid’ and ‘wrong’
    – I always find the ‘come back to the indies’ thing, especially in 2016 such an odd statement

  • – Me neither…I’m not 40 yet, dammit.
    – That’s okay…I haven’t either. I had to nod and smile while he was talking about it.
    – Kendrick Lamar is a hip hop artist, who came to prominence in 2012, when his album “good kid, m.A.A.d city” was released on Dr. Dre’s label, Aftermath. That album was one of my favorite hip hop albums of the millennium. He released an album last year called “To Pimp a Butterfly”, which was even better than “good kid…” His music is very eclectic, and he is an extremely passionate and powerful live performer.
    – I’m not sure anybody hates anything as much as Jason hates The Flash at this point. I’m not even sure my disdain for AK matches it.
    – They’re running neck and neck for my affections.
    – I heard Paul Roma had been tapped…
    – I still love ska. I will never not love ska. If people have a problem with that…they can bite me.
    – Especially the covers. I’m trying to remember what got me into ska, and I think it was the Bosstones’ “Where Did You Go?” EP, which contained covers of both “Sweet Emotion” and “Enter Sandman.” Been hooked ever since.
    – I think it’s likely. They were tired of his constant trash talk about their show. Looks like we’ve now solved that.
    – He’s blinded by hatred.
    – Thanks, LFC.
    – lol…I’ve recently been trying to find new shoe storage solutions, because my ever increasing collection is becoming quite a problem in my closet.
    – I’m not sure off the top of my head what the stupid/wrong thing refers to.
    – As you have reasonable close relationships with guys who either are working for, have worked for, or want to work for the WWE, I’m sure you have a different perspective on this type of situation. As someone who is strictly a fan, it’s hard for me to watch guys who I really respect have to be saddled with lame gimmicks/opponents that don’t fulfill what I see them as being capable of. I feel like a wrestler with the talents of a Luke Harper, or a Cesaro, or any number of others, would be better served (although, not necessarily correctly compensated) by being in a more creative environment. Does that make sense?

  • – Jason during the show mentions the spirited comments from last week’s episode saying ‘come and call me stupid as well.’ Jason is not stupid for his views on the Flash, just wrong
    – I can tread lightly on this one, but for me it comes down to travel and pay. If someone currently under WWE contract went back on the indies, they would have to travel just as much, if not more (more trips overseas, etc.) to barely make what his WWE contract is. More time away from family and friends, having to work a harder style (PWG, wXw, wtc.) which is a much greater risk thus limited his ability to make money for said family.

  • That’s kinda where I figured you were coming from. I will admit that the “come back to the indies” thing is a pretty fan-centric and selfish way of looking at things…but I’m a pretty selfish guy.