Welcome back to Podvocacy with Jason and David.

This week, Jason and David discuss the casting of Commissioner Gordon for the upcoming Justice League movie. We also discuss a Star Wars fan film that focuses on Darth Maul. Check it out in the links below.

In television, we discuss the most recent episodes of Better Call Saul, Legends of Tomorrow, and the return of Gotham. We’ll look at Jimmy making bad decisions. Heatwave’s story takes an interesting turn. And we’ve got another cold themed villain on our televisions, along with BD Wong.

In wrestling talk, we preview the upcoming WWE Network Live Special: Roadblock, and break some news about things that are happening on Raw as we record.

Thanks, as always for listening, and we’ll see you back here next week.


JK Simmons cast as Commissioner Gordon in upcoming Justice League film.

Darth Maul central focus of new fan film

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  • – I ain’t falling trap to not listening to the whole show this time…
    – Doing an impression of Billy West would be like doing an impression of Rich Little
    – Hopefully Tim (not the tool man) gets a kickback from that highly listened to episode
    – I would love for JK Simmons to play both Gordon and Jameson, my dreams will be dashed
    – I was actually just asked by my 4 year old son to see Batman VERSUS Superman today. I really need to think about it
    – Isn’t Star Trek 5 the one where Sulu is Captain and has Christian Slater?
    – My apologies about not getting that Old Spice commercial reference thing, I think the last commercial I saw was the ‘Where’s the Beef’ one
    – ….or the cover of the book had a Dinosaur truck that was green…
    – All those thoeries about WWE Presents Roadblock are interesting, but you are looking a bit too deep. It’ll be very interesting how that event does
    – Also, don’t get TOO excited about a Sami vs. Owens one on one match for Mania…
    – What is this ‘Transformers’ you speak of?