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Welcome back to Podvocacy with Jason and David.

This week, Jason is joined by Jeremy from the excellent Transmissions Podcast as they discuss Spidey in The new Civil War trailer, the CW renewing ALL of it’s shows, and confirmation of both Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in The Killing Joke.

And then it happens, as Jason gets to discuss Transformers at length with Jeremy. They cover a mirade of topics, including details of the recent interviews that Transmissions has done with IDW writers John Barber, James Roberts, and Brandon Easton. They even talk about Go-Bots? Crazy, I know.

I had a ton of fun recording and even editing this one so I hope you enjoy it too!



Civil War Trailer

DC TV show renewals

Conroy and Hamill confirmed for The Killing Joke

Transmissions Podcast (Support them here)

Yakko Yaks!

Transformers: Deviations 5-Page Preview

Listen to the YOSHICAST

Check out Marian‘s show Podcast Maximus

The Soon to be Named Network Supergirl review

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  • – I may become a Transformer fan just based on that opening theme
    – I never knew ‘one mic show’ was common for solo podcasts. I just learned what ‘cis’ meant yesterday
    – I can only wish everyone’s DC touchstone was the Brave & the Bold cartoon
    – I think the last DC Animated I saw was Batman Year One as I really don’t think any could really follow that one
    – You should have a guide on the site, a list of that ONE episode of every show you guys cover (Black List, SHIELD, etc.) to hook people
    – That’s Mrs. Harrison Ford to you!
    – I would put Vixen on the next season of Legends of Tomorrow as a further test
    – I’ve given up the ghost of the iTunes rankings, reporting dead shows, etc. Thank you to Jeremy for keeping my dream alive
    – I always get so thrown when you talk about the Transformers comics writers, since there is a James Roberts and James RobertSON both in comics and a John Barber and a JON Barber who…well, the less said about him the better
    – That audio clip from the movie took me by surprise
    – As someone who used to focus very hard on those sales numbers, 1) there is a huge deviation from what were made aware of and what actual sales are and 2) you’d be surprised on how many Marvel books would kill for 10,000 a month in regular sales
    – Who knew Go-Bots came before Transformers?
    – Rock Lords! Was that separate or the He-Man crossover?

  • I love the “That one episode” list. Great Freaking idea. Same with Vixen on Legends. And the audio clip idea came to me when I was listening to the episode to check for editing. I thought it worked really well

  • I think he was just trying to make me look bad with all this fancy “post production”.

  • jtdennis

    Rock Lords were a Go-Bot thing, not He-Man.

  • jtdennis

    just wait until you see the recording tip I gave him.

  • jtdennis

    I can’t believe I mis-credited Priscilla Tramontano as the colorist on MTMTE, that’s Joanna Lafuente (and I’m disappointed Charles didn’t pick up on it either).

  • Charles is on a streak, isn’t it. First he misses that the toaster is actually Toaster, now this…