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This week Jason and David eschew the news and jump straight into the television talk. David has a lot of thoughts about Legends of Tomorrow‘s handle on time travel. We jump to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. talk, which actually does involved some news, now that the Inhumans film has been removed from Marvel’s release calendar. We also do a deep dive on the final episode of season two of Better Call Saul, and wrap up the season as a whole.

The last portion of the podcast, which starts at the 1:03 mark, is devoted to David’s trip to see NWA-NRW Pro Wrestling‘s Never Broken in Arvada, CO. He breaks down the show, and gives you his thoughts on how the night went. You can check out NWA-NRW’s YouTube channel here, and watch their weekly show Charged. Follow me most Thursday nights or Friday mornings on Twitter (@dwkii), where I regularly tweet out my thoughts on the show.

Thanks for listening, and check us out next week!


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Inhumans film pulled from Marvel’s release calendar

NWA-NRW Links:

NWA-NRW’s Website

NRW on Twitter

NRW on YouTube

The most recent episode of Charged:

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  • – I did listen to last week’s show, but could not comment while driving…
    – I will get into this much more elsewhere, but time travel is starting to wear on me
    – This episode of Legends of Tomorrow seems to have broken David…
    – Your Amazon read makes me very happy
    – I’m all about Summer of Shame part two
    – I am always happy to hear about indie wrestling happening outside of the usual ‘hot beds’

  • – Good for you. We here at Podvocacy do not advocate distracted driving.
    – Me, too. Since we don’t talk about it, I didn’t mention it, but the Hunter Zolomon stuff on The Flash made very little sense to me.
    – If I wasn’t trying to take notes on it, it might not have bothered me as much, but trying to follow along so I could talk about it really brought forth how forced that stuff was.
    – Jason drew some very interesting connections.
    – Thanks for the input. I do think there’s a lot to mine from that concept.
    – Discovering NRW a few years ago is one of the happiest things that ever happened to me. They’ve got a good roster of their own people, and they bring in a fair number of big names. Also, it led me to a couple of other feds in Denver (inlcuding one that has Chris Hero and Chuck Taylor (Original Flavor) in a couple of weeks).

  • No, we certainly do not condone distracted driving. But, I mean, I’m sure there was a traffic light or two… 😉
    And I’ve heard nothing but the Zoom stuff on Flash making 0 sense. I’m telling you, they are stretching themselves thin over there…
    I’m glad you enjoyed the Amazon read. After I was done I thought to myself “what the hell did I just say about all that?”