Supplemental Episode: Jason Raids Again!

What’s this? Jason is flying solo yet again. Wait, why are you leaving? Come back! I swear it’s not that bad. I have candy!

Listen to Jason talk with Leonard and Todd about Captain America: Civil War.

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  • – I purposely waiting to d/l this at work…so I can do this
    – At least you didn’t say ‘hostfull’
    – Avoiding spoilers is a special skipp that takes time, why I remember when I started down this path in 2008
    – I forgot to mention how much I like your phone notification
    – Netflix is pushing this Danger Mouse show pretty hard, gotta convince the Man to check it out
    – So much Flash hate 🙁
    – I didn’t smoke any ‘weed’ at anytime and LOVE the Beatles. I can’t say the same for the recipient of that gift…