Hello and welcome back to Podvocacy.

David is back and boy does he have some thoughts on Civil War. But first, we have to discuss ABC cancellations and Supergirl’s move to The CW. We also discuss the very sad and untimely death of Darwyn Cooke.  And then it’s a deep dive on Civil War and a warning not to watch the newest Fantastic Four movie.  You’ll thank us later.

Agent Carter Cancelled

Darwyn Cooke Passes Away

Supergirl Flies to The CW

Marvel Movies Make Dough

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  • – Monday morning? You know how poorly I handle change
    – ‘I buit a dresser. And I have all these extra parts!’
    – For a $100 you get that info? Hmmmm…
    – The Muppets being cancelled puts that first season even further down the List
    – The boys at House to Astonish had a great take on whether or not Agent Carter should go to Netflix
    – David’s very thought provoking take on Civil War sheds a light on my ‘I like fighting!’ take
    – I’m going to cobble together a supplemental podcast of everyone’s network reads

  • How did you know about the spare parts? Also, I was very much looking forward to David’s take on CW so I tried to stay quiet for the most part. You had valid points as well! I have HtA downloaded, I’ll be sure to listen tomorrow when I’m back at work.

  • – We’re just trying to keep you on your toes.
    – I forgot to ask him if he was drinking while putting it together.
    d.kincannon@comcast.net – Just sayin’
    – I can understand…but it was really great. And Uncle Deadly will be sorely missed.
    – I’ll have to take a listen.
    – I spent most of the talk just trying to remember everything I wanted to talk about. When I saw it the second time, yesterday, I had hopes that I would be the only one in the theater, and I could take notes, but alas, it was not to be.