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Jason and David are back with another installment of #2Summer2Shame, but before they get to that, they talk about Big Bird and Space Shuttles, PokemonGo, and delve into their feelings about the most recent episode of Preacher. BTW – If you want a more thorough discussion of Preacher, check out Longbox Heroes every Wednesday.

#2Summer2Shame does roll on with discussion of Skyfall, which is fitting, as David watched Casino Royale last year for the first Summer of Shame. On the other side of the aisle, Jason watched Tombstone. Did David finally get back in Jason’s good graces? Find out when you listen!

They also decide on next week’s films: Jason will be watching The Bourne Identity in advance of the July 29 release of Jason Bourne. David will be watching another Christopher Nolan film: Insomnia.

Then talk turns to wrestling. David is entering a busy time of year with the brand split draft happening this week, NXT still going strong, the WWE Cruiserweight Classic getting underway, and New Japan’s G1 Climax tournament starting. If you need David, he’ll be in front of his computer.

Have a great week!

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  • – Huckleberries? Tuberculosis? What kind of show is this?
    – Yes, Jason broke After Dark. Will it return? Will HE return?
    – Bless you, Jason for deleting that terrible apox from your phone
    – ‘High Level Thoughts’
    – “It’s a dog, so what?” I’m a monster and even that took me back a bit
    – I’d much rather prefer Ted McGinnley talk at the RNC
    – The only James Bond film I enjoyed was the new Casino Royale. I have not seen any of the other Daniel Craig ones
    – I have not seen Tombstone since it first came out so I’m glad Jason reacted the way he did
    – I wouldn’t worry TOO much about a lot of those guys from the CWC not getting full WWE contracts in the near future

  • – Takin’ you way back to the late 1800s here on Podvocacy.
    – Well, if it doesn’t return, he’s in trouble.
    – You’re just mad because it’s taking people’s time away from MPQ.
    – I didn’t want to get super granular.
    – Yeah…I had no comeback for that.
    – As Happy Days personas go, I’d prefer Pinkie Tuscadero.
    – Casino Royale was good. Quantum of Solace is skippable. Skyfall is great. From what I’ve heard, SPECTRE, starring Dave Bluetista, is skippable.
    – Like I said, before the show he gave me no real indication how he felt, except for making a comment about the narration. I was glad he liked it as well.
    – I’m sure they will. And the WWE will be better for it.