Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week, Jason and David discuss getting drunk and watching movies alone, giving notes to loved ones, and binging shows on Netflix.

They discuss the latest episode of AMC’s Preacher, and some very decided Breaking Bad influences. That leads to several tangents, before the guys get back on track and talk about this week’s entries in the #2Summer2Shame series: The Bourne Identity, and Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia

After that, David discusses the most recent episode of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, as well as WWE’s Battleground 2016.

Thanks for listening!

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  • – Hate Ben Stiller? He has a pretty good pre-Night at the Museum resume…
    – For some reason I keep calling ‘Stranger Things’ ‘Stranger Creatures’
    – an homage to Breaking Bad, just like in the comics…oh…wait…
    – EU money
    – I’m pretty sure we all have the ability to stab someone with a pen
    – Is Perfect Strangers a prequel to the Bourne franchise? Where’s that crazy fan theory?
    – Sadly, gall bladders prevented a podcast being recorded in Ohio
    – Todd is working on Stan’s soul… he’s working on it!
    – There was a site I frequented back in the early 00’s who would joke that Tajiri had a ‘kicking mechanism’ in his pants. This is before we knew what leg slapping was
    – A Lince Dorado match did not impress? Color me shocked

  • – I’m just not a fan. Reality Bites is okay, and he’s okay in The Cable Guy, I guess. But I can’t stand the following films where he had a lead role: There’s Something About Mary, Meet the Parents (or its sequels), Zoolander, Starsky & Hutch, Along Came Polly. I kept giving him shots during that period, but couldn’t make it work. I just find his presence off putting.
    – Well, there are some strange creatures in it.
    – Well, they had to shoot the shuttle scene somewhere…
    – FU money’s less well know cousin.
    – I wish I would’ve caught that…
    – Maybe the man we see outside the shop at the end of the movie is Balky’s brother. Ya never know.
    – I hope whoever had the issues is feeling better now.
    – Maybe if Todd can put Stan’s body in a car outside the Wrestle Factory, Ultramantis will take care of it.
    – The phrase “kicking mechanism” makes me laugh…and slap my leg.
    – I enjoy his work during the BDK era, but I did not enjoy that match.