Don’t even ask about the title this week…just listen.

This week on Podvocacy, Jason did nothing, and David spent time with his family. Congratulations go out to Sarah for her wonderful performance as Mrs. Banks in the Englewood Summer Drama Program’s production of Mary Poppins.

The season 1 finale of AMC’s Preacher was this week, and boy, was it a humdinger of an episode. At least, that’s what Jason and David thought. I’m sure other people on the Soon To Be Named Network will have differing opinions.

#2Summer2Shame rolls on this week with Jason watching Good Will Hunting and David watching Super 8. Was this a good week for movies? Listen to find out.

After that, David breaks down the most recent episode of the WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic, and reports on the premiere date for Lucha Underground season 3. Here’s a hint…it’s coming soon.

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  • – A very cryptic and confusing opening
    – Yup, and I >SURE< was set straight…
    – By listening to Jason talk about Preacher ahead of schedule, it allows me time to…prepare
    – Lot of convincing themselves they need to like the show
    – "It seems odd that it would be something they just threw in there"
    – "Taking the best hits from Preacher and putting them in the first season"
    – "I'm glad I've never read the comics" 🙁
    – Todd also slummed and watched 'Talking Preacher' as well
    – What if there was some other third way to go with this show?
    – There are at least TWO loose ends that weren't even mentioned in the finale
    – Star Trek VI is punishment beyond all bounds
    – I'm just sad the CWC isn't the Juicerweight Classic, featuring Juventud Guerrera
    – If you're friends ain't calling him 'Tomato Chomper' then I don't wanna know them

  • – We didn’t have a very long pre-show, and that was literally the moment before we started, so I thought it was a good lead in.
    – Heh
    – Can’t wait for After Dark this week.
    – I don’t think anyone was convincing themselves they needed to like the show. I think we were trying to convince you.
    – He did backtrack on that…
    – Because I’ve never read the comics, I have no idea if this is the case, and honestly am not worried about it.
    – I did say that I want to read them at some point.
    – Good for him. 😉
    – I said it could be a love it or hate it episode of television. I have been known to be wrong…from time to time.
    – I’m sure you’ll talk about it on After Dark, so I’ll wait until Friday to hear which loose ends you’re talking about.
    – Yeah, this is the first movie he’s given me where I’m like…I don’t know if I like this “experiment” anymore.
    – JUVI JUICE!!!! His presence is missed.
    – I like Tomato Ciabata, because it’s Italian, and sounds delicious.