Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong and welcome back to Podvocacy. This week it’s pretty much movies, movies and more movies as David gives his thoughts on Suicide Squad and Jason revels in the glory that is the 30th anniversary of The Transformers: The Movie.  Oh, Jason also spent most of a night last week in the hospital and David saw Weird Al in concert. Kinda buried the leads there, huh?

Then 2Summer2Shame begins with Jason discussing his movie from last week, Trainspotting Breakfast Club.  What, you don’t remember last week when David gave Jason Breakfast Club? There may be a reason for that. Then David goes deep on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, where you get to be a captain, and you get to be a captain, and you get to be a captain… David then finishes out the show with his continuing thoughts on WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic.

You may notice a few different things in this episode as David tasked Jason with the editing duties and let’s face it, that means there’s gonna be some Transformers stuff thrown in, including an easter egg at the very end of the show from the ’85 movie that may have something to do with this week’s title. Earmuffs for the kids!

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  • – thanks for reminding me Jason didn”t like Stand By Me
    – It is the official numbers on the spreadsheets that count
    – BTW, Jason’s face adventure was almost the show title for us last week
    – Did something lay egss in Jason?
    – I am a monster and I never give a second thought to the Joker/Harley Quinn relationship
    – “He is fantastic as Unicron” speaks volumes…
    – Jason is VERY lucky David is such a nice guy. I wouldn’t given him a different movie
    – I’d rather live in the toilet from Trainspotting than watch the Breakfast Club
    – Listen, I’ll say it, Star Trek sounds like a hot mess. Who is higher than who? Who is caaptain of what ship? Peace treaties?
    – “Dave Somebody” haha
    – There will be run ins, just not that many. This isn’t the Attitude Era
    – Jared, Craig and Ray on Puzzle warriors 3 – SMDH
    – I’m lucky to have gotten the three lost episodes of the Prod Prod. And absence did make the heart grow fonder
    – I got a joke abouit infectious wrestlers, but Vin Gerard has retired

  • – This will be one of the lasting controversies once this show has dried up and gone the way of the dodo.
    – Fair enough.
    – That would’ve been great.
    – They’ve got some weird reproductive rituals over there in Williamsport. Must have something to do with the Little League World Series.
    – I think part of this is because I have a daughter. I look at a lot of media these days through the lens of “what would I want her to take away from this?”
    – Citizen Kane, The War of the Worlds, Touch of Evil…but, no, “He is fantastic as Unicron” is how Orson Welles is remembered in certain circles. SMDH
    – I don’t want to torture anyone. If that makes me a nice guy, so be it.
    – Ha ha. How long a time period are we talking about here?
    – I actually knew the thing about Kirk being promoted to Admiral and then demoted back to Captain. I felt the tiniest bit proud of myself. Then I came to my senses.
    – Yeah, I couldn’t remember. I’ll take the hit on that one.
    – Is it the Ruthless Aggression Era?
    – That’s on Jason. *whispers* I tend to check out during the network read
    – The perks of being the network kingpin…
    – Poor Vin…or whatever name he’s using these days.

    As always, Leonard, thanks for listening and commenting.