And we’re back! Jason and David return to finally discuss their most recent #2Summer2Shame movies, The Wrestler and Full Metal Jacket. Is it yet another week of winners for our fearless duo? Only one way to find out. We also discuss our upcoming schedule as work and theatrics start to pick up. And finally, David covers all the wrestling. Yes, I said all the wrestling. ALL of it. OK, so not Summerslam. But still, he covers quite a bit.

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  • – If David is Jason, then Jason is David, I need to see new David sing and dance
    – I’m gonna as you, my new Bing, what is ‘Around the Horn’?
    – I did listen to last week’s show, but didn’t comment as it would have just been a lot of ‘you’re wrong’ ‘you’re both wrong’ and ‘I can’t believe you didn’t see that!’
    – You guys taking time off, Fresher and Parlance taking a month off, whatever Prod Prod is, MAN, what is happening to the Network 🙁
    – The Championship Wrestling from Hollywood deal was a work, AIW legit was hired to be the entertainment at a batchlor party
    – While the Wrestler was being filmed during CZW shows, Mickey Rourke’s stunt double became a character in CZW for several months
    – Loved hearing you both talk about movies I love very much
    – I think there is perhaps ONE person not being signed out of the Juicerweight Classic

  • – This should be good.
    – Around the Horn is a sort of round table sports talk show on ESPN in the afternoons. I usually watch the replay on ESPN2, as it comes on right after I get home from picking the kids up from school.
    – Fair enough.
    – Unfortunately, life gets in the way.
    – Maybe I misunderstood what Jason was talking about. I also did forget about Dick Justice’s bachelor party in AIW.
    – That was the guy who went by Kid USA, right?
    – Glad to hear it.
    – I heard that some guy who was on the Chikara live special turned down their contract…

  • No you don’t need to see that. No one needs to see that.
    I thought it was AIW that guy booked, but I want sure and didn’t want to sound more dumb then normal. Couldn’t exactly check my Twitter either…
    That was pretty much the exact reaction I was expecting to last week’s show 🙂