We wanted to do shows throughout September for all the loyal Podvocates out there. Really, we did. Alas, that will not happen. So, thank you for downloading the final episode of Podvocacy… for the month. ¬†Yes, David and Jason have decided a break is needed as life does everything it can to get in the way. The plan is to return in October, but rest assured regardless of our plans, we will let you know what’s going on for sure on our Twitter. So keep an eye to the Twitter sky to get the latest updates.

In the meantime, we dare not leave you without a show. We both loved our movies this week (L.A. Confidential and World’s End) so we mostly just gush about them.

And in a fiery wrestling segment, David laments Vince Russo destroying his favorite Indy promotion from the inside out. You don’t want to miss this one. There is also brief discussion of King of Trios that took place last weekend. Which of our hosts was IN Easton but did not get to attend? Well, it’s kind of obvious I guess since only one of them lives anywhere near Easton, huh? Silly question…

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  • – end of an era, I guess?
    – you’re a terrible person for not sharing those pills while in town, bruther
    – money to get in wouldn’t have been an option and you know this…
    – I missed all of the tweets David is referring to and I am PSYCHED to hear this rant based on one of the tags on this episode
    – I will miss you guys, just get your stuff straightened out
    – I haven’t seen LA Confidential in some time, but is one of my favorite movies, the only movie I enjoy Russell Crowe in
    – Love ‘the World’s End’ and the problem with it was it came out the same summer as ‘This is the End’ which has a similar premise. One movie is good, the other is not
    – I echo David’s sentiments, Vince Russo being hired for any job in wrestling in 2016 baffles me
    – Are they being paid to be on TV as that is not how most TV deals work, especially for wrestling?
    – with all this deleting and reinstatting, do I have to refollow Jason?
    – I had no interest seeing ‘Yoga Hosers’ then I watched the trailer. A great man once said, I don’t need to stick my hand in a fire to know it’s hot
    – I was there live for the This is Your Life segment

  • – Can you pause an era? I suppose that’s what we’re doing.
    – Haha. Oxy highs at Trios? Say it ain’t so…
    – See…you should’ve gone, Jason. You could’ve gotten to participate in a conga line…
    – Yeah…that guy…
    – I’ll miss seeing the Disqus email come through with your comments on Tuesdays.
    – I enjoy him in The Quick and the Dead…I also enjoy making fun of him in Les Miserables.
    – “This is the End” is awful.
    – It’s a bunch of nonsense.
    – I guess I made an assumption that I shouldn’t have made. If they’re not being paid, what reason would they have to go to a hunting and fishing network that no one’s ever heard of?
    – I don’t think so. I think his account ended up being mostly intact.
    – Yeah…I don’t have any interest in seeing it either.
    – 8 million people watched that segment, bro. (That’s pretty cool.)