We couldn’t remember if Jason said that the previous episode was 73 or not, so there you are.

After being sick for a month, on top of three weeks of performances and a trip to St. Louis and back, David is finally back to make the Podvocacy duo complete.

This week, David spends some time catching Jason up on how the past few weeks have gone. We do a high level discussion of the first few weeks of Gotham and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., pairing David’s thoughts with Jason’s from last week.

David also talks about recent developments in Chikara, with the hiring of a new commentator, and his thoughts on that matter.

Thanks for coming back and listening, hopefully there won’t be another long hiatus anytime soon.


Top Golf

David in the dressing room after just having done his makeup.

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  • – starting off singing, glad everyone’s voices are feeling better
    – I would have just started the numbering over again
    – ‘behind the wing’ ‘rack mount’ that’s fancy insider talk
    – David would do anything for Donal Logue, but he won’t do that
    – “Prime Defective is on a regular schedule” one every two months is regular?
    – You still have Marvel Puzzle Quest stuff in the header of your Twitter account
    – Is Pokemon Go still a thing? I hope not
    – I am afraid of Dash Buttons, I just don’t trust ’em. I can’t explain why…
    – I must have missed that ‘advertisement’ about Joey and Mike…
    – I am sad I was not on top of the Talkin’ Smack tweet, I usually watch it when editing LBH, but was a bit behind on other stuff
    – Trick or Treating on a Monday? The actual day Halloween happens on? What world is this?

  • – I figured it would make for a good cold open.
    – Works for comics, right?
    – It’s our terminology. I hope audience members don’t start using those words, though…
    – Now I just need a big Jim Steinman-esque ballad to sing for Donal Logue.
    – I let Jason handle that stuff.
    – I need to fix that. I suppose I’ll get around to it about the same time you and Todd have the 2015 LBH steak dinner.
    – I don’t honestly know. I know a few die hards that still play.
    – Can anyone in the house push a Dash button? In my house that seems like it would get expensive pretty quick. With my kids, I’d have toilet paper showing up every day. They like pushing buttons.
    – It was a tweet from October 7. I know a few people who took quite a bit of exception to it. Fans and industry people alike.
    – I recently let my Network subscription lapse, so I haven’t watched Talking Smack in a couple of weeks. Thanks for letting me know.
    – Well, we do the old school neighborhood Trick or Treat, so that’s the only possible time to do it. There are a few churches in the area that do stuff on Saturday night, but we typically eschew such things.