Change Into a Truck

Welcome back to Podvocacy.

Jason and David have struck a deal with Ralph the Wonder Llama to take back control of the show. Thanks again to Tim “Not the Tool Man” Taylor for his contribution to last week’s episode.

This week, Jason and David talk about Jason’s first ExtraLife experience, a date that David had with his wife, and the recent release of Doctor Strange. There are some spoilers, so be warned.

After that, we get into some discussion of the most recent episodes of Gotham and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. How did we like these episodes? Listen and find out.

For a little bit of wrestling talk, David giving a brief preview of this week’s episode of Lucha Underground, which will feature a Grave Consequences match. You can refer to our Lucha Underground Season One episode guide to find out what that actually means.

Finally, we round out the show with some brief political discussion ahead of this week’s elections. We’re not telling you who to vote for, or anything like that. We’re just letting you know our thoughts on voting in general.

Have a good week, everyone.

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  • – even Todd would have blushed during that opening exchange
    – “Have you ever smelled llama spit?” “Yes” Guess I’m just not living life to the fullest
    – I went to an AMC theater to see Dr. Strange as well. They are fancy
    – Fourteen Marvel movies? Right, I forget Incredible Hulk is still a thing…
    – I did not see Dr. Strange in 3-D and this was re-purposed 3-D but, I’d see this again in 3-D
    – I cannot relate to this name change nonsense Jason was speaking of
    – Lucha Underground still the best wrestling show on TV, huh? Even with THAT commentary?
    – regarding that show closing song, no one goes to see live music to see the bass player

  • – I sent him the song on Twitter, knowing fully well that he doesn’t listen to podcasts.
    – You’re better off. I grew up down the street from a family who kept llamas. Stay away.
    – I like AMC. I can’t remember ever having a bad experience at one.
    – I like Incredible Hulk, it is, obviously, one of the lesser films in the MCU, but I find it enjoyable.
    – The 3-D stuff wasn’t overwhelming, but it added to the atmosphere in a lot of scenes, especially the battle in New York.
    – Name change? Who changes names?
    – Yes. Even with THAT commentary. Second place right now is Smackdown, and it’s got some glaring commentary issues as well.
    – That tells you just how much sole he has…