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This week on Podvocacy, Jacson and David start by screwing up the show. Once we get back on track, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and then discuss Jason’s plans to be in Washington DC for next year’s TFCon, which takes place during the last weekend of September. We also give the Transmissions podcast a shout out as they will be presenting their 200th episode.

David briefly discusses getting to see a sneak preview of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and there’s even some scintillating weather talk.

As we move into Gotham we talk about David’s issues with the Ivy storyline, as well as Jason’s appreciation for Cory Michael Smith’s (Edward Nygma) performance.

In wrestling talk, David gives a brief rundown of Survivor Series, and does the unthinkable.

Thanks for listening!


Jason will be going to TFCon next year!

Happy 200th Episode, Transmissions!

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  • – Getting to see how the cold open came to be was a special part of the magic
    – I can forgive Jacson for celebrating his brithday weekEND for the sake of Transformers, but let’s not have it extend any further than that
    – Hanging out at the mall? Laser Tag? Is it 1985 in Colorado?
    – Was Executioner not in the Daredevil TV show as well?
    – I would have let things go regarding Judge Dredd being a comic property
    – Eastern is the only real time zone, everyone just falls in line
    – Beat me to it with the Ecto Cooler AIW connection. Sad it wasn’t root beer
    – We finally relented to get Asa’s haircut after it was getting stuck in shrubs and bushes. It still does not prevent him from walking into walls
    – “I keep a spreadsheet” I’m listening…
    – Much like ‘Between the Sheets’ I’m sure the name ‘Spreading the Sheets’ has been taken by a filthier podcast
    – The point is to make money? When did wrestling become a business?
    – I enjoyed the Brock/Goldie thing very much. WWE is less about great matches and more about ‘creating moments’ and that’s what that was all about. That said…
    – …I hope they never do Brock/Goldie again. I fantasy booked all of this weeks ago, but let’s hope Goldie wins the Rumble and we get him against Owens at Mania