Episode 78: Tests On Alice Tetch’s Blood Ten Times Fast

Thanks for downloading this tongue twisting episode of Podvocacy.

This week, Jason and David discuss art museums, solo podcasts, and Westworld. We then take a deep dive into the most recent episodes of Gotham and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. How will the Ghost Rider feel about entering alternate dimensions? What happens when Penguin fails to find his inner Admiral Ackbar?

David doesn’t have much wrestling to talk about, but he does offer a plug for his current favorite wrestling podcast, The Card is Going to Change, from the minds behind AIW: John Thorne, and Chandler Biggins.

We round out the show with a little bit of Transformers/Marky Mark talk.

Thanks for listening everyone!

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  • – what a strange pre-show leave in
    – you do sound a bit, softer, David, but Jason is coming in super hot as usual
    – “Much like Red Edit and Westworld…” I know what one of those things are
    – I have not and will not watch the new Guardians trailer, but have already had it all spoiled on me. Thanks everyone in the entire world
    – Not that Jason would ever see this, but I have all of Westworld sitting where those things do, and I want to watch it eventually
    – I’m a Flash apologist in the same way Jason is a Transformers apologist
    – all Pepsi products stink
    – Very surprised David, you did not watch the Gulak/Quack match from Saturday night
    – Wait until you hear next week’s AIW podcast..those Headhunters are something else…
    – hashtag mass shifting