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Welcome back, Podvocates!

First thing’s first…thanks to everyone who used our Amazon link. We really appreciate it, and we appreciate everyone who will use it over the next couple of weeks.

On this week’s episode, Jason has a lot to talk about. He talks a little about the Transformers: The Last Knight trailer. He discusses Brian Kilby’s Christmas in Wilkes Holiday album. David also had a busy week, not that Jason cares.

We delve into the most recent episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is super secret and science-y.

We talk about some recent signings from the indies to WWE. We also talk about how wrestling is infiltrating real world politics.

Thanks, as always, for listening!


Christmas Time in Wilkes

What is Cesium Salami?

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  • – Agents of SHIELD is not a sensible replacement for RAW.
    – It’s that beep at the begining of the Amolito recording you have to consider
    – AKIRA! TETSUO! Your Mom! You know all the names!
    – And also your hands are too big for the carny position
    – You have Ray of Puzzle Warriors/Profane Arguments to thank for the return of Fresher and Parlance
    – Isn’t there a plan in place to combine all the hasbro properties into a larger movie universe
    – I’ll be a Flash apologist 8 days a week over being a Transformers movie apologist any day of the week
    – speaking of Dr. Demento, I recently turned my son onto the Barnes & Barnes classic, ‘Fish Heads’
    – Dead of Winter, eh? Zombie movies, eh? I got at least two suggestions…
    – The only scripts I know is for some pills, doot doot doot
    – Are kids are allowed to put lunches in something metal these days?
    – Jason makes a point re: WWE pillaging indies for talent. UNRELATED, WWE has offered contracts to ROH stars BJ Whitmer, Steve Corino and Nigel McGuinness
    – Big fan of John Landis, filmmaker. His ability to make children is suspect, however

  • I had a feeling you’d have an idea or two for our zombie movies. Please do share!
    Also, thank you for totally not confirming my theory on wrestling signings. Obviously these are just total coincidences and are COMPLETELY unrelated like you say *wink*

  • – Should I trademark “Hey everybody, Agents of SHIELD is on”?
    – Hmmm…considering…
    – My son confirmed that he is familiar with Kill la Kill, and had other recommendations for Jason.
    – This is a fact…they might even too big to be President…….oops.
    – Those Puzzle Warriors are really getting things done.
    – The HAIKU? HAsbro Inter-Konnected Universe. (This is a stretch of monstrous proportions.)
    – Amen to that.
    – Fish Heads is great. The Dr Demento 20th anniversary collection has been one of my favorite things since it came out.
    – Send ’em our way.
    – There’s a joke about your history in wrestling in there.
    – There does not appear to be anything in my kids’ school handbook that prohibits them.
    – I’m not saying that they’re not doing that, and I’m not saying that their motives aren’t sinister. However, I do think it could be looked at as an insult to talented performers to say that they’re only getting signed to hurt another company. Whitmer got an offer? That’s…interesting. Does that open the door for the signing of another female indie wrestler? They should’ve signed Corino years ago, even if it’s nothing more than as an instructor at the Performance Center. Nigel is a good onscreen authority figure, but I don’t know what he would do in the WWE.
    – Ugh…you got that right. I wanted to watch the Dirk Gently tv show, but the younger Landis’ involvement dissuaded me. #Disappointing