Merry Christmas, everyone, and welcome to the Podvocacy Christmas special.

This week, David sees movies and gets into a Twitter scuffle with a comedian. Jason also sees movies, and we discuss them. We talk extensively about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and there will be spoilers. You’ve been warned.

After that, we dive into what makes this a Holiday special, and what makes the holiday special: The Muppets Christmas Carol. We talk about our love for the Muppet take on the Dickens classic, and what great fun it is.

We close out the show by briefly talking about the Chikara season finale, and last week’s Total Nonstop Deletion. The broken brilliance of Matt Hardy is not to be underestimated.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday, and, as always, thanks for listening.

Also, Jason was working with a new mic this week, so levels aren’t even…just a heads up.

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  • – a day late and a dollar short, no idea what all that cookie talk was about
    – funny how things worked out with all this new mic talk
    – EIGHT DAYS? I’m enjoying my sobriety
    – I’m glad you are mentioning this Chris D’Lia (?) kerfluffle. I’m not gonna Bing him to correctly spell his name.I always find it odd when someone I know gets ‘into it’ with a ‘celebrity’ on Twitter. This coming from someone blocked by Doug Benson and David Allen Grier by never ‘at-ing’ them.
    – “Not really a death threat”
    – I will give Jason this, that first lingering shot on the ‘blue milk’ worried me.
    – I did not think Tarkin looked bad, but I did not see the film in IMAX or in 3-D, maybe that helped?
    – Being a ‘fan’ of Star Wars, all the ‘fan service’ stuff, was welcome by me
    – I took my 5 year old to it, his first Star Wars movie and he loved it. Granted, he fell asleep with five minutes to go, but he wants to see it again, has been talking to everyone about it and wants to watch the other movies as well.
    – hashtag Revenge of the Sith stinks
    – I’ve read none of the expended universe stuff, but my brother holds those in higher regard than the actual films
    – I think there is a LOT of reaching when it comes to male relationships in the new Star Wars films.
    – “I hate this film, that does not make me smart in anyway” that about sums it up 🙂
    – David making compelling points about the Dark Lord of Word Play and Jason is having none of it
    – I want to know who all these ‘some people’ are who share Jason’s opinion
    – When did film making become a business?
    – I have never seen a Muppet Christmas Carol, the Disney version with Uncle Scrooge is my version
    – ‘Speaking of National Treasures…’ is Nic Cage in this movie?
    – I am very out of the muppet loop, I have no idea who Bean Bunny is
    – A turkey was fried and smoked this past Thanksgiving and it was glorious
    – I’m glad you left all Jason’s browser issues in
    – That Audrey II bank sounds awesome
    – If only K2-SO spoke in a horrible racist voice and peed on things…

  • – the cookie talk is referencing the trailer for “The Boss Baby”, which Jason hated. That line is a reference to Alec Baldwin’s “Coffee is for closers” line in Glengarry Glen Ross.
    – Yeah…thanks for being willing to take a second shot at listening.
    – Next week’s episode will only have six days of things to talk about. SIX DAYS!
    – He’s garbage. Hot garbage.
    – Well, it wasn’t. The exact tweet was “The world is waiting for you to die.” So, not really a death threat, more of a death hope.
    – It was a curious decision.
    – I saw it in 3D, and thought it was fine.
    – I thought it was almost all great.
    – That’s cool. I enjoyed this week’s discussion of Rogue One on Longbox Heroes, and was happy that The Man enjoyed it.
    – Hard disagree, but, then…how boring would the world be if we all agreed. In fact, I mostly forgive Jason for not caring for Rogue One, because I think the podcast was better for it.
    – A lot of those books are really good, and because of them, I probably know more about the history of the fictional Star Wars Galaxy than I know about the history of Earth.
    – I’m all for inclusion, so if folks are given the opportunity to see their situations presented in a major pop culture property like Star Wars, I’m all for that. Whether that was the intention or not, I don’t know, but I’m also not going to worry about it.
    – This was one of my favorite moments of the podcast.
    – Yeah, he was just not willing to give at all.
    – I’ve seen a few people on Twitter who share a lot of his opinions.
    – About the same time that professional wrestling did…
    – The Disney version is also great. Scrooge McDuck is a natural choice.
    – No. Thank God.
    – See Twitter.
    – Good to hear. I still have yet to have a fried turkey. My father-in-law does the cooking, and he’s a traditionalist.
    – I had forgotten all about that by the time I was doing the editing. There were two times when we had take a break, because Grayson was unhappy, and I had written those times down so I could edit them out, so those were front and center in my mind.
    – It was awesome. –
    – Pop!