X-Men: The Last Stand

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This week, Jason and David welcome in the new year…by looking back at the year that was. We name our best movies and tv shows of 2016, and look ahead to what’s happening in 2017.

We also spend quite a bit of time drilling down into the mess of a movie that is X-Men: The Last Stand, in our new segment which we’re referring to as “The Winter of Our Discontent”.

We close out the show with a look at another wrestling podcast, as well as some of David’s favorite matches of 2016.

As always, thanks for listening, and hit us up in the comments or on twitter with your thoughts.

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  • – Starting off with mic shaming
    – I don’t think I’ve cared to see ‘the ball’ in many, many years
    – I was more surprised that Mariah Carey was a thing than she messed up
    – I’m excited for that new podcast talk!
    – I saw all but two on that top ten list, a first in a very long time
    – You can skip Secret Life of Pets, but I hear Jungle Book is very good
    – There are comic book characters with knives for arms, but we’re talking 4th rate X-villains
    – Give credit to R Double for illegally leaking footage & admitting he collects a paycheck by doing bad films? No thank you!
    – Liked Preacher (forgot about that) LOVED Deadpool, hated Rogue One, didn’t like Stranger Things. Not making a statement, just laying it all out there
    – As a mutual fan of blacksploitation films, may I recommend the Brown Sugar streaming service
    – I will always think of Ed Begley Jr. as ‘that Translyvania 6-5000 guy’ but I think that’s just me
    – My resolutions for 2017 are ‘leave me alone’, ‘live my life a quarter mile at a time’ and ‘demand more from my deoderant’
    – Whilst the Game Plan is not good, it was a financial success
    – I saw this movie once when it came out in theaters, let’s see how this goes!
    – I think the biggest problem X3 had was that X2 was SO good and it was the first REALLY bad super hero film we had. Now, we get at least one a year
    – Jason, you owe Sean $10 with inflation, movie tickets are expensive
    – and you took the pause! Fantastic!

  • – More like package shaming…wait…that doesn’t sound right.
    – Me, neither. It’s just not interesting to me at this point.
    – I think the finalization of her divorce from Nick Cannon has caused a career renaissance.
    – Well…you know.
    – Look at you getting out in the world around actual people.
    – I’m hoping it’ll be on Disney channel in the near future.
    – I was trying to come up with a response to this, and was reminded that this version of “Deadpool” also had optic blasts, because he could absorb mutant powers. Dumb.
    – lol
    – I mean…I liked Preacher a lot. That other stuff, though…
    – I looked it up…they had me at “Coffy.”
    – The only thing I remember about “Transylvania 6-500″0 is Geena Davis.
    – There are no words…
    – Also, not as bad as I posited. It’s an okay “watch” while napping on the couch on Saturday afternoon.
    – It certainly went.
    – I was going to try and watch the whole trilogy to try and get that perspective, but didn’t have time.
    – They are expensive…that’s why I try and see them for free. (I’m seeing the new Scorcese film tonight)
    – I had to…unfortunately, I didn’t think to smarten Jason up ahead of time.

  • No, I LOVED Preacher. Get it right, man!
    X2 is great, but even if it was only meh, X3 would still blow a big one.
    I’m pretty sure I would have ended up loving Stranger Things, but SOMEONE told me to stop watching it… (Just kidding, 80’s nostalgia does nothing for me)
    And I owe Shawn so much more than that. Hell, I owe all you guys more than that.