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This week, Jason and David talk about how lame they are, and how they can only stay up until a certain point. There is discussion of new equipment for the podcast on both sides of the connection, as well as the fact that one of the guys turned 40 this week.

In television, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is back from their winter hiatus, and we break down the new episode: Broken Promises. We discuss Mack’s fears of fictional robot uprisings…even though they had a real robot uprising in this universe not even two years ago, and how the writers of the show fooled us a little bit.

Finally, David discusses the WWE UK Championship Tournament on the WWE Network, and how it was. Was it worth the $9.99 for a month of the WWE Network? Find out by listening. We also promise to do a Royal Rumble preview next week.

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  • – You’re guys show prep is a lot different than mine
    – And a lot of new equipment. We’re still running off the free (granted fancy) mic we got over six years ago
    – keyboard hammering shaming?
    – Imagine a world where Agents of SHIELD was released say a month before Captain America Winter Solder, as opposed to seven months. This is why the currrent network scheduling system doesn’t work
    – I’m very confused by these ‘days off’ you keep speaking of
    – It has always been >ME< as a host, I just now have a dead name
    – Jason likes Zoolander, but not Rogue One…
    – 44:28 before THAT sort of talk begins… #podcastPSA
    – If Jason digs around, he can probably get the award winning World Wrestling Entertainment Network for free until mid-April