Welcome to the latest episode of Podvocacy with Jason and David.

This week, we talk about cleaning up after sick kids, going to see movies, and brand new phones. Also, Jason is extremely cagey about something that may or may not be happening.

In television, we discuss what happens when LMDs gain a sort of sentience. We also discuss the idea that maybe Director Mace isn’t really what he seems. Gee…go figure. After that, we discuss the happenings in Gotham, which sees Victor Zsasz make a return, much to our delight. I don’t think Jim Gordon feels the same way, though.

We also, as promised last week, do a preview of the Royal Rumble. Careful, though…if you are dead set against spoilers, you may want to not listen to this segment of the show, as David talks about some names that might be making a surprise appearance on the first stop of this year’s road to Wrestlemania.

Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you next week.

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  • – Are you guys still using Amolto to record? We had issues with it last week
    – I always get nervous when I get followed by an egg
    – That was quite the TEASE, Jason…
    – I am in desperate need of a new phone as the volume buttons have fallen out, but I’m afraid my MPQ data will not transfer
    – Jason being a phone snob, add it to the list!
    – hashtag football is a work
    – Was Ruth Nega the best part of Preacher? Highly unlikely!
    – 21:40 podcast PSA
    – I’m a big yes and-er and have been for some time, probably from Carolla
    – but can I get Juicy Shaw meat through your Amazon link?
    – I only wish David explained the REAL reason for the Shark Cage match http://ep.yimg.com/ay/dragonballzcentral/wwe-wrestling-crash-cage-playset-mattel-toys-2.jpg
    – King of the little purple wrestlers
    – David dealving heavy into rumors and inuendo
    – “Samoan Joe could win the Royal Rumble” Oh, David…
    – There is discussion of Finn Balor vs. Undertaker match for Mania, but see two lines above
    – I usually hate when the Royal Rumble match itself isn’t the main event, but Undertaker blowing up the ring makes sense for that to go on last

  • – We’re trying to use zencaster, but it apparently doesn’t like my microphone, so Amolto is our fall back option.
    – Me, too.
    – He is such a tease.
    – You back it up to Facebook, right? You should be fine, but I understand your reticence.
    – “The List of Jason’s Snobbery”?
    – I’m starting to come around to this line of thinking. Brady and Goodell seems very reminiscent of Austin/McMahon.
    – Was she the *best* part? As a fan of the show, I don’t think so. But I think she was great.
    – Hashtag it.
    – I do want to say that I really enjoyed your BTS appearance. I like Kris and Bix, but sometimes I find the show to be a bit of a slog, and you added a lot to it.
    – Was that supposed to be #JuicyShaqMeat? #GDAutoCorrect
    – I had no idea this was happening. Merchandising.
    – Well, you know.
    – I did say that I “think it’s possible that [Samoa Joe] could win” the Royal Rumble.Qualifications all over the place. There are a lot less likely options.
    – I would not hate that. I could see them doing some fascinating things together.
    – Yeah. It’s hard to have the rest of the show when the ring gets blown up halfway through the night.

  • Hopefully that egg won’t be an egg much longer. Logos are in the final stages. I think you’ll like it.