Welcome back to another inexplicably named episode of Podvocacy.

This week, Jason spends time with a sick kid, and appeared on an upcoming episode of Transmissions. David went and saw a movie about dog reincarnation with very few famous people in it.

In television, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gives us some interesting movement on the LMD front. Coulson makes some bad decisions, Fitz uses his intuition, and Daisy tries to play politics. Over on Gotham, we finally get the return of everyone’s favorite sorta-Joker. Also, David pitches a new direction for the show to go if both of these shows get cancelled.

Finally, we spend some time on the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble. We discuss the winner, the big moments, and what happened on the rest of the card.

Thanks for listening, as always. We’ll see you back here next week.

Also, I want to remind you that you can always #GetInOnTheConversation in the comments section on Podvocacy.com

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  • – Jason has been sick quite a while, it’s like a made a bad decision around December 16th and he’s since been cursed
    – I don’t know the origins of the Kermit drinking tea thing, and I don’t want to know
    – Asa is also in the midst of his quarterly sinus/ear infection
    – I only know Josh Gad as the voice of Chuck in the Angry Birds Movie. That is my life
    – A Twin Peaks Podcast? Two of Todd’s favorite things!
    – WHEN both Agents of SHIELD and Gotham goes away, you’ll have the Inhumans show to watch…wait, where are you going?
    – That said, I can see Gotham continuing longer only because FOX isn’t a real network
    – There are FAR TOO MANY time travel shows on prime time TV
    – ‘Macho Man Uniform’
    – “Why do we have finishing moves anyway?” from the mouths of babes…
    – “Neville was A LOT bigger than the last time I saw him” He’s just been…eating a lot of food…
    – “Maybe Sami was gonna pull it out” great out of context line

  • – Karma sucks. Kharma, on the other hand, was awesome.
    – It’s unimportant anyway.
    – They’re the worst. We had to get tubes put in Tommy’s ears because of his constant ear infections when he was younger. I remember he had the procedure done on the day when the WWE Network debuted.
    – He was in one of my favorite movies from the 2000s “21”, the movie about the MIT Blackjack team.
    – As I’m sure you figured out, Twin Peaks isn’t a thing I ever really cared about.
    – I assume that’s the direction we’ll go. But I’m thinking about making this a running joke until we find out the future of these two shows for sure.
    – That is true. Although, I do feel like ABC/Disney has more investment in a Marvel series than Fox does in a DC series.
    – We only need one. One British time travel show. Totally unrelated: I can’t wait for After Dark this week.
    – Heh.
    – Like I said, for people to kick out of.
    – A LOT of food.
    – I’m just glad he doesn’t have a Val Venis gimmick.

  • Entering the movie theater on December 16th was a very bad decision for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up killing me. (Look David, I was able to get a dis on Rogue One this week! Thanks Joe!)

    And good point, once the Inhumans show debuts, David can fly out and we’ll watch it in glorious IMAX and make a whole celebration out of it! (Totally not going to do any of that.)

  • There is absolutely nothing glorious about the Inhumans

  • Now I want Bobby Roode to play Black Bolt.