Welcome back to Podvocacy.

This week, Jason and David talk about Martians, Super Bowls and new podcasts. That’s right…new podcasts. Join Jason and Jeremy from Transmissions as they begin their journey as the Paladins of Voltron

In Tv Talk, we discuss the most recent episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Gotham. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we are re-introduced to the Koenig family, which is portrayed primarily by Jason’s favorite, Patton Oswalt. On Gotham Jerome is unleashing his own brand of terror, and we get a very dark and disturbing episode as a result. We also break with tradition by adding a brief discussion of the new DC sitcom Powerless starring Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi, and Ron Funches.

In wrestling talk, David gives a little bit of information on the new season of , which began this week, and some interesting things that they are doing with storytelling. Also, we have an announcement on some bonus content that we’ll be releasing this week, so look for that announcement toward the end of the show.

Thanks for listening, everyone!

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  • – Skeletor sounds a lot like Saul Rosenberg, to which I approve!
    – Add ‘likes Hockey’ to the list
    – Kudos to Jason for following my pod-motto: ABR, Always Be Recording
    – Yeh Sand?
    – Seamless editing!
    – Video component!
    – I completely forgot about Powerless again. Added to the pile with Riverdale episodes
    – Not fighting anyone over their poor taste and blind spots in pop culture, you do you, partna
    – trigger warning at 52 minutes…almost made it…
    – I went into these Doctor Who episodes with a preconceived notion that the episodes would be bad/terrible, so when they weren’t, I was pleasantly surprised!
    – I has been a month since the last Prime Defective, FYI
    – It wasn’t just a strap, it was the entire watch
    – I received some crytpic DMs this weekend during NPWD, I’m still confused
    – Before October, talking to a member of the roster wasn’t THIS big of a deal
    – VERY excited to see what those questions are gonna be…
    – Books are the real treasures of the world? And he’s the BAD guy?

  • – Jason did the editing this week, and had I known for certain that he was going to use that as the cold open, I would’ve named the show accordingly. What he didn’t use was me talking about how in college/my early 20s, I had all of Jerky Boys 3 and 4 basically memorized.
    – In fairness to Jason, I also like hockey. Although, he likes the worst possible team.
    – It takes brass balls to do a podcast. FTR, we were both recording, I just didn’t think he would use it.
    – I prefer “no butt.”
    – It actually wasn’t edited in. The way we’re recording now allows Jason to use a soundboard with drops. The Paladin of Voltron drop was played live every time he used it. Every time.
    – I prefer HDMI. A/V jokes.
    – I also have not watched Riverdale yet.
    – I like the fighting.
    – He’s just trying to bait us all at this point.
    – Yay for managed expectations!
    – I take no responsibility for anything that happens during the network read.
    – Very cool. It’s a nifty looking watch at that.
    – So, when I realized what was happening at NPWD, I remembered something you had tweeted the day before, and it started some wheels churning in my head. I sent you a DM that was going to go further with me asking you some questions. Before I got that far though, I realized that I was probably way off with what I was thinking, and even if I wasn’t way off, I didn’t actually want to know the answers that I was seeking.
    – That’s not true. Talking to you was always a big deal, although, we probably did take you for granted. I sincerely apologize. I still think of the King of Trios round table show that we did as the best episode in the history of Podvocacy, though. It’s certainly my favorite.
    – It should be an interesting discussion…
    – Everyone knows that books are the real villains…at least that’s what a television writer told me once.

  • That’s right, we are now a sound board show. Did it with the into and everything. Huge success I’d say.