Welcome, and thanks for downloading this special epsiode of Podvocacy.

We did a pretty high level discussion of what is happening right now in Chikara, but David wasn’t happy with that. He wanted to do a little deeper dive into what is happening with season 17, and so we did just that. David is all alone, for the most part, discussing the first three episodes that have been released for Chikara season 17. If you’d like to watch the shows, head over to chikarapro.com, and sign up for a free week of Chikaratopia.

David also has a brief discussion with Chikara’s senior official, Bryce Remsburg about a few different topics relating to season 17 and 18.

We hope you enjoy!

PS: If you’re just looking for the Bryce interview, check out the 4:45 mark of the show.

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  • Dude, great episode. Hell of an interview too. I’m such a proud co-host.


    No, you’re crying!