Welcome back to Podvocacy.

This week, Jason discusses his upcoming week more than his past week, so come back next week to figure out how all of that went. One of the big things is that he’ll be on the Radio Free Cybertron New York Toy Fair Stream. Check it out when it happens live here on Saturday, and here on Sunday. You can also watch his twitter for the info.

David, on the other hand, did nothing, and has nothing coming up. Well, he did go see a local production of Billy Elliot: The Musical, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice. He also did a solo podcast about Chikara with an interview with Bryce Remsburg. Check it out here.

In TV Talk, we discuss the impending doom for a character on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and have a discussion about the more condensed storytelling that the show has been doing recently. We also discuss the laughs and general merriment of the most recent episode of Powerless, which is filling the void left by Gotham’s current hiatus.

In wrestling, David gets something off his chest about a certain play by play announcer.

Have a great week, everyone! And, to any new listeners, please let us know that you’re listening, and how you found the show. You can find us on twitter, or Facebook, or email. You can also leave us a review on iTunes.

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  • – Is it 88 or 89?
    – listener number question? Did the Asian Click Farm not come through?
    – One day, I plan on attending NY Toy Fair, but it’s always on a wrestling weekend
    – Pocket Casts sounds terrible, I’m an RSS feed man 4 life
    – I’m very excited for the book in 20 some years about all the mess with the DC movie stuff
    – just as an FYI, I hate every Agents of SHIELD ad in Marvel Comics. It’s a picture of an non-descript, not famous white dude (or dudette) with some cryptic line like ‘sacrifices must be made’ or ‘only one can be superior’ which does nothing to entice me into watching the show
    – That microwave popcorn deal sounds like a scam
    – I really thought I was getting put on blast with this episode description

  • – It’s 88. I misspoke on the intro, and Jason tried to correct it by yelling 88 in the background.
    – Apparently, it did. So…thanks?
    – I will probably never attend NY Toy Fair. I would like to go to BroadwayCon at some point, though.
    – I use Podcast Addict for Android, which I really like. I’ve used it on four phones at this point.
    – It will be right up there with the book that detailed the mess that was “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”.
    – In fairness, the show is, primarily about non-descript, not famous white dudes spouting cryptic lines.
    – I didn’t look into it enough to know what the benefits might be over just buying the regular microwave popcorn bags.
    – As cousin Balky would say…don’t be ridiculous…but with an accent.

  • Yeah, you should have seen all the wrestling items had in the doc. In the end, talking about that ridiculousness was the right call.

    And currently we’re about 10 or 12 downloads ahead of our normal pace for an episode this week so we’ll see how the Asian… or listeners come through this week. I hope it keeps up just to put us solidly into 3rd on the network 🙂