Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week, Jason is feeling under the weather, and David had a commitment that pushed our recording time later than usual, so we decided to do the second in our Flickchart ranking specials. If you haven’t listened to the first one, you can find it here.

What treasures does Flickchart have in store for us? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Music: Feel Good Inc. (Metal Cover) by Leo

(Note: Our beloved audio software took a number of craps as we recorded this week, however I did not know until editing the show. I was able to fix the fact that David’s recording was a full minute¬†shorter than mine, but there is a bit of audio distortion that could not be fixed. No worries, as we are still understandable. Well, as understandable as we can be I guess… -Jason)

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  • – Hot Rod taking a drubbing this week
    – I’ve mentioned it before, one day, I will attend Toy Fair
    – So it should have been called ‘the Just OK Wall’?
    – I remember Flickchart…I should reawaken mine for this, currently 200 or so on my list, with tons of movies added that I never saw!
    – I am not going to show the ranking of all my dumb movies, just go here: http://www.flickchart.com/LFChikarason, still being reworked…and that can’t be changed, sadly
    – Never saw any of the Mission Impossible movies, but 300 is being added
    – Terrible dropping that line in, serves you right having to edit that, I think that line read is EMBARRASSING
    – I would rank Men in Black above Attack of the Clones, a movie that barely exists
    – Was Phil Brooks in Butterfly Effect? Oh, wait…
    – Never saw the first Ice Age, but the most recent one is trash
    – Clerks is great, the last bastion of Kevn Smith’s goodwill
    – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a top ten all timer
    – never saw the Negotiator, obviously I should?
    – Revenge of the Fallen vs. Attack of the Clones? UGH
    – Never saw Moulin Rouge!, with an exclamation point!
    – Terminator 3 gets a bad rep, not good, but not terrible
    – Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is not a good movie, but like T3, not as bad as everyone says
    – I think Truman Show is Jim Carrey’s best film in a very hipster choice

    – I’m only a fan of the first two Saw movies, the first one is actually good, the second one has a guy that looks like Eddie Kingston

    – I have a soft spot for Rainman as it was the first ‘grown up’ movie I saw in the theaters

    – 1 hour 6 minutes trigger warning

    – David, you and I are the same age, and outside of Pumping Iron and Hercules in New York, all of Arnie’s movies played in heavy rotation on HBO for my entire childhood

  • – It was actually your exchange with Craig that made me think of it.
    – I would like to, but it is extremely unlikely.
    – Very much so.
    – You can go through and remove the ones you haven’t seen. I’ve actually been doing a little of that today. Also, Flickchart has their own podcast where they do something similar to what Jason and I are doing. I want to be a guest on it.
    – I sent you a friend request. I like that we currently have our number one movie in common.
    – I liked the first one, thought two and three were forgettable, but really enjoyed Ghost Protocol. I haven’t seen the fifth one yet, though.
    – Really? I think it perfectly captures the anguish that he’s going through, because he has an idea what’s in the box, but wants to be sure and doesn’t want to be sure all at the same time.
    – Yes, yes. I know.
    – Different Voldemort.
    – It seems like the Ice Age films have definitely given into the Law of Diminishing Returns.
    – Some of his 90s stuff holds up, and some of it doesn’t. He certainly hasn’t done himself any favors with his recent output.
    – I re-ranked it after we recorded, and it currently sits at #20 on my list.
    – Yes, you should. Very good movie.
    – This may have been my favorite match-up on the show. Since Jason is intractable about Transformers, and I’m the same about Star Wars, it was like a perfect storm.
    – I like musicals! With an exclamation point!
    – Maybe I need to revisit it.
    – Agreed.
    – I don’t think that’s all that hipster of a choice. I think “Eternal Sunshine” would be way more hipster-y.
    – They did some interesting things in the later movies, that I really enjoyed. And Costas Mandylor is uniformly great as Hoffman starting in Saw III, and going all the way to the end of the series.
    – Interesting. I have no idea what the first “grown up” movie I saw in the theater was.
    – He really just keeps twisting the knife, doesn’t he?
    – We had HBO from 1981-1984, but after that my dad got rid of it, and we went to just the basic cable lineup, so I missed out on that. I honestly have more memories of the parodies of Arnie’s movies in Cracked Magazine than I do of the actual movies themselves.

  • CRACKED! Not even Mad! I love it!

  • I always preferred CRACKED!

    John Severin was my guy.