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This week, Jason and David were all the way live via YouTube. If you caught any of the live show, we appreciate you showing up. If not, well, no worries, because it’s all here.

For the live version of the show on YouTube, click here.

In the opening segment, Jason and David talk about getting ready for the live show, as well as the mess that occurred at the end of the Academy Awards ceremony. (David says it’s all Matt Damon’s fault.)

In TV Talk, we discuss the two most recent episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and the potential (confirmed, actually) return of a favorite character from seasons past. See how the LMD saga plays out, and find out what is in store for the agents when the show returns in April. We also take a look at the most recent episode of Powerless which brings the funny in an episode about dating henchmen.

In wrestling this week, we talk about the apparent end of Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero’s time in Impact Wrestling. Where will they go from here? Well, there’s always speculation, rumor, and, of course, innuendo.

Thanks for listening, and see you next week.

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  • – sorry for the lateness of this reply, I was home with a sick little man which makes listening to podcasting difficult
    – speaking of which, congrats to Jason for not being sick in the last seven days
    – I am sad I am so out of touch with horror films that I have no clue what ‘Get Out’ is
    – I have a theory the whole Best Picture deal is a work, but more on that on After Dark, I think…not as elaborate as Jason’s but close
    – In going through my podcast backlog, Bill Paxton was just on Marc Maron’s policy less than a month ago and I haven’t listened to it yet. Not sure if I could right now
    – All it will take is one more person from ‘Twister’ to pass away for people to claim it’s a cursed film
    – My knowledge of Daisy is limited, however, I do know if champed and her green is at a five, she’s devastating
    – It sounds like I’m missing a key visual element during the network read
    – He was almost excited that the towel had ‘free shipping’ as the towel itself
    – hashtag Snapchat stinks
    – The tales I can tell you with what’s going in in TNA…and the Hardyz…
    – I got that Kanye joke!

  • – No worries. I hope The Man is okay.
    – Yay for health! Something I never thought I’d say when I was attending Mr. Schmidt’s class in 7th grade.
    – Get Out is a horror film with comedy elements directed by Jordan Peele. It came out last Friday, and is doing very well. $30.5 Million opening weekend on a budget of about $4.5 million. Pretty good outing.
    – I look forward to hearing your views.
    – Yeah, I never got around to listening to that one either. Definitely going to be tough to go back to it.
    – I can’t wait for that.
    – I can’t speak to the Puzzle Quest aspect, but her powers on the show can be described the same way.
    – I don’t exactly remember what happened, but I do know that he was scrolling through the STBN website.
    – Well, ‘free’ shipping is the best kind of shipping.
    – I go back and forth on it.
    – Oohhhhh….check your paypal account later.
    – Speaking of #stinks…