Episode 92: A Great Value

Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week, Jason prepares for Snowmageddon 2017, and David basks in the loveliness of spring.

We’ve got a Flickchart section this week, as it was pointed out that it is difficult to trust a podcast that doesn’t have Empire Strikes Back in its top 20 movies list. So, we rectified that situation, along with re-ranking the other two films in the classic Star Wars trilogy, as well as adding The Force Awakens to the list.

In TV Talk, we discuss the most recent episode of Powerless, and its use of the DC Universe’s characters. We also talk about how we feel about FX’s Legion so far.

In the wrestling segment, which we have started referring to as “Wrestling with Wrestling with David Kincannon*”, we talk about the new era of Impact Wrestling, and all the pitfalls that come therein. And, boy, are there pitfalls.

*For the record, this name comes from a wrestling blog that I wrote for a very short time in 2010.

Music: Take On Me by Ninja Sex Party (Original Song by A-Ha)

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  • – being a fan of…you know…I can see where this is going…
    – Oh boy, at least the drop ins are in sych
    – Roving bands of kids to shovel walks only exist in fantasies
    – Now we’re mixing sponsors? And this was supposed to be an attack?
    – I literally was on the edge of my seat for Star Wars vs. the Matrix
    – 30:15 trigger warning…avoided? NOPE!
    – Jason’s George Lucas impression was not insulting enough, IMO
    – that intro music for the wrestling segment…
    – I had to explain ‘pronouns, pal’ to Todd I said it so much this week
    – DCC means the King, a bum and a prima donna
    – Am I allowed to say that wedding segment wasn’t very good? I can? It wasn’t very good
    – I’m all about acknowledging other wrestling from other places, however, IMPACT went WAY overboard. Oh, and eff that owl
    – Devil’s Advocate re: Alberto returning the title. All the segments uplodaed to YouTube featuring Alberto had over 300,000 views, WAY more than any other segments by at least 10 times the amount. By putting this segement on YouTube, I GUESS, was their attempt to get more viewers than on on their actual TV show.
    – The file kinda ends abruptly with Jason being excited for Lucha Undreground…weird…