Welcome back to Podvocacy!

On this week’s show, Jason’s last week resolved around snow and the clearing of said snow. David tells a story about making a little bit of money on a business transaction.

We don’t have any television shows to talk about, so we’re charting those flicks instead. David spends quite a bit of time talking about how Forrest Gump doesn’t quite hit him the same way it did in 1994. We also talk about Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Titanic, and Batman Returns.

In the Wrestling with Wrestling segment, David talks briefly about NWL, and Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

Thanks for listening!

Music: Killing in the Name – Rage Against the Machine

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  • – just for clarification, there was a drop Jason used that I said was ‘seamless’ and by that I mean, it was the exact same audio quality and level as you guys were speaking, so it didn’t sound like a ‘drop’ it just sounded like somone just yelling in
    – If you do a podcast on YouTube and don’t have a separate auido feed, you are history’s greatest monster
    – A sneaker collector…I should send you my collection. Both pairs
    – Congrats on the bonus, Jason!
    – 45 minute pre-show? What happened to your After Dark spin off that was supposed to come?
    – Of all the things that are terrible in Spider-Man 3, the jazz dance scene barely makes the top ten
    – I’m trying to add what you guys are discussing, but I either already have most, but haven’t seen more
    – Did you know there are FOUR Starship Troopers films? Just terrible…
    – 33:26 for that trigger warning
    – “I know I’ve seen 3 Ninjas Kick Back…”
    – Hot take, “Interview with a Vampire” stinks. Dull film, possibly the first movie I fell asleep during in the theater
    – not hot take, Waterboy was the beginning of the end for Sandler
    – I am the complete opposite on David’s take on Forrest Gump. Hated it as a cynical teenager, today, I look back on it as an inoffensive slice of life
    – Jason, what made you see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back FOR THE FIRST TIME 16 years after it’s release?
    – The only thing weirder than making a movie about Jay & Silent Bob would be making a SEQUEL 16 years after it’s release
    – That said, Chris Rock’s line ‘Taste the booger flavor’ is said multiple times on a daily basis in my house
    – Twice during this listening, Flickchart timed out on me
    – Also, not hot take, I didn’t like Titanic. I recognize it as a technical masterpiece, but at it’s core, a poor film
    – It could be worse, you could be listening to the Raven podcast…
    – ‘Finding Richard Simmons’ was actually on Stitcher Premium, which who knew THAT was a thing?
    – Another hot take, Southpaw deal was just OK. Rusev was great, the Ascencion were great, the rest was meh
    – If you want to know the skinny on all that nonsense from last week, I think I knjow a guy

  • Ok, time to answer David style:
    -I totally took it as a compliment. I’ve just always wanted a soundboard and now that i have one and people LIKE it I’m going to brag about it constantly…
    -Yes, only a monster would do that.
    -I have one pair…
    -Yeah, it’s gone. Stupid gimmicks in the mail they call bills…
    -I feel like an AD for us would just be me throwing as many f-bombs as possible and David just shaking his head at me. That said, holy cow was there some AD material this week. Really hoping you and Todd wade into the weekend that was this week…
    -You’re getting the full Podvocacy Flickchart experience right there my friend…
    -I knew about 3. Sad!
    -Trigger warning? More like Jason speaks the truth warning!
    -I was young, dumb, and… stupid.
    -You might be right about that
    -Don’t care, still love it.
    -I’m starting to think you need to come on for one of these episodes…
    -It was on TV and Melissa refused to change the channel
    -Like Kevin Smith would ever try and revisit a film after it makes sense to do so. Multiple times.
    -Chris Rock, national treasure
    -You should see the snazzy video editing I had to do. Thanks Flickchart! That said, the site is pretty much unchanged since i first used it 5 or 6 years ago
    -Plinkett’s review on Titanic gives me life!
    -But then a nerd would get laid. Or something…
    -That should NOT be a thing…
    -Still haven’t watched it, starting to get the sense I’ll either love it or hate it. No in between
    -So were you like second grip on one of the Paige videos or something? If so, was it really cold that day?

  • I don’t have anything to add…except…yes, Chris Rock is a national treasure.

    actually…one other thing…as you know, I am a pretty staunch defender of the Star Wars prequels, but one of my best friends feels pretty similarly to the way you feel, Joe. He disavows that they exist, unless he is berating them. Whenever he would say something about them that I disagreed with, my response would always be: “I think George Lucas gonna sue somebody.”