Tom Selleck in Runaway
Runaway – 1984

Welcome back to Podvocacy.

This week, all of our tv shows are still on hiatus, so we’re doing another Flickchart episode. However, there’s a twist. Joining us this week is one of the patriarchs of the Soon To Be Named Network, Joe Sposto, from Longbox Heroes.

We go through a slew of movies, including Jurassic Park, No Country for Old Men, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Are there some controversial decisions made? Maybe…listen in and find out.

In the Wrestling with Wrestling segment, we discuss some of the happenings of this weekend’s Wrestlemania, as well as what happens when independent wrestling tries to be too much like the WWE, as well as a wrestling show in June that promises to be nothing like the WWE.

Thanks for listening! Tell a friend, and we’ll see you next week!

Music: Bad Romance (metal cover) by Leo Moracchioli

Here is the information about the Dynamite Cup Sponsor-a-Seat program:

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