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This week on Podvocacy, Jason had to deal with a reverse April Fool’s joke from the creators of Rick and Morty, in addition to watching No Country for Old Men, while David is having trouble with some recent Domino’s pizza ads referencing one of his favorite 1980s films.

In TV Talk, we discuss the most recent episode of Powerless, which sees Van upset that someone pooped in his potty, and Emily tries to Emily another situation.

We finish out the show with discussion of Wrestlemania 33, the 7 hour show that we talk about in about half an hour. How did David like the annual extravaganza? Find out in the episode.

(Confession…I (David) forgot about the Baron Corbin/Dean Ambrose match, and missed it. As in didn’t watch it. I didn’t actually miss it.)

As always, thanks for listening, and be sure to tell a friend.

Music: Song 2 by Blur

Those Ferris Bueller Pizza Commercials Are Incredibly Dark And Sad – Mike Ryan

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  • – that was a very busy and confusing opening
    – as for Jason’s April Fool’s gimmick, don’t work a worker
    – I never see commercials, BUT I went out of my way to see the one David mentioned. I was more disctacted by the Stranger Things kid not being in Stranger Things
    – I’ve been to Ohio to eat pizza, I can’t imagine how terrible pizza must be in Colorado. Come to the pizz capital of the world, NEPA!
    – No Country for Old Buffet?
    – The Mister Freeze Ride at Six Flags out our way has killed a person or two
    – Lots of production went into that ad…
    – hashtag ducks don’t echo
    – You’d have to be a real cardio king to make it all the way down that ramp
    – 24 hours it goes away? Snapchat stinks even more than I thought!
    – Jason, don’t separate your shoulder patting yourself on the back about the Broken Matt Hardy. Give it time…
    – I LOVE that both of you are questioning the validity of Cena and Nikki’s relationship…poor Big Match John
    – Putting a Randy Orton match on that late in the show it the true ‘show of contempt’ for their audience move
    – As a lifelong Undertaker fan, things have been flying downhill for the last five years after he gave himself a silly haircut to get a rematch with HHH
    – That intro made up for the ‘outro’, I guess?

  • – The “outro” stuff was a technical glitch at the end of the show, where he couldn’t get the music to play, that Jason decided to use as a cold open.
    – I got worked. But I’m okay with that.
    – That’s fair. I just have so many good memories tied into Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that the commercials are just irritating, because he doesn’t have nearly the charisma that Young Matthew Broderick had. Neither does Old Matthew Broderick.
    – Pizza’s fine in Colorado, most of the local places tend to do New York style, but we do have a local chain called Beau Jo’s that specializes in “Mountain Pie”, which is pan pizza with a rolled edge, that isn’t quite as deep or casserole like as Chicago. The crust has a little bit of sweetness to it, and a lot of people eat the crust as dessert by pouring honey on it. (I don’t eat there anymore, because my father-in-law was the President of the company for a while, and we felt like the owner screwed him.)
    – Sounds like a movie to watch while eating Golden Corral.
    – Roller coasters can be dangerous.
    – I have no idea what you’re talking about…
    – No one knows the reason why.
    – Or go really slowly…like Juan Francisco.
    – That’s for stuff that you post on your timeline. If you send someone a private snap, it goes away right after they look at it…which was kinda the point.
    – LOL.
    – “If it’s onscreen, it’s an angle.”
    – Agreed.
    – I would like to think that Michelle was trying to learn how to cut hair, and being a loving partner, he agreed to let her work on him.