We told you this would happen. We warned you all. You knew that David would be in New York and that Jason would be doing… something else. But yet here you are, expecting another show for your pleasure. Well, today is your lucky day because we have just that! We ranked a few more movies on our official Podvocacy Flickchart and you get to hear all the fun. Also, The Spy Who Shagged me has the absolute best title in German. But you’ll have to listen to find out what that is…

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  • – Does Jason legally have to put some sort of Transformers sounding thing before the show when he edits…
    – …Just like Arnold was legally bound to have a chopper in all of his films
    – This discussion caused me to re-rank The Truman Show and somehow with the choices given, it moved down?
    – I don’t HATE Me, Myself and Irene as much as you guys do, but the scenes with Jim Carrey and his sons are pretty funny
    – Preacher ain’t even in the top ten of shows on TV, just stop
    – The biggest problem with 40 Year Old Virgin is no comedy should be that long
    – Weird Science, while not a great movie, brings up such fond memories for me
    – Elf, on the other hand, is a perfectly fine, bland holiday movie
    – Secret of the Ooze stinks, but still I’ve seen those over the Matrix films
    – Had to add ‘Up’ to my list, about as uneven as a film ever, Pixar not withstanding
    – Signs, a pedestrian movie if there ever was one, trying to masquerade as an intelligent film
    – But this did cause me to make sure Unbreakable was on my flickchart, so there’s that